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David Copperfield (2000)


An impressive TV film adaptation of one of Charles Dickens's most famous books.

As always with film versions of Dickens there's a raft of familiar names and faces, notably Sally Field as the donkey and (initially) boy hating Aunt Betsey, Judy Cornwall as the lovable Peggotty, and Anthony Andrews as the sadistic Edward Murdstone. Also, 'The Da Vinci Code' star, Paul Bettany, appears as James Steerforth.

Hugh Dancy makes a saintly David Copperfield, and Max Dolbey plays the unhappy boy David with maturity. Julie Cox as Dora, and Emily Hamilton as Agnes, are the suitably winsome women in David's life.

The most memorable performances come from Ms. Field, Michael Richards as an eccentric, full of life Mr. Micawber, and, probably best of all, Frank MacCusker as Uriah Heep. The latter being as humble as could be, and scheming, manipulative, exploitative, creepy, and downright nasty.

The locations are striking, and certainly look authentic, and the costume designs won an Emmy nomination. It's a film that does Dickens book justice.

- Paul Rance/

Main Cast List (actors/actresses listed first)

Michael Richards - Mr. Wilkins Micawber
Eileen Atkins - Miss Jane Murdstone
Anthony Andrews - Mr. Edward Murdstone
Frank MacCusker - Uriah Heep
Hugh Dancy - David Copperfield
Max Dolbey - Young David Copperfield
Sally Field - Aunt Betsey Trotwood
Edward Hardwicke - Mr. Wickfield
Freddie Jones - Barkis
Nigel Davenport - Dan Peggotty
Emily Hamilton - Agnes Wickfield
Julie Cox - Dora Spenlow Copperfield
Sarah Smart - Clara Copperfield
Alan Howard - Mr. Spenlow
Alec McCowen - Mr. Jorkins
Paul Bettany - James Steerforth
Judy Cornwell - Clara Peggotty Barkis
Murray Melvin - Dr. Chilip
Dudley Sutton - Mr. Dick
Lesley Manville - Mrs. Micawber
Peter Woodthorpe - Mr. Creakle
Vernon Dobtcheff - Quinion
Simon Delaney - Traddles Sr.
Laura Dunne - Young Agnes Wickfield
Sarah Farooqui - Young Emily (in her 20s)
Sean Flanagan - Mealy Pertaters
Andrew Grainger - Ham Pegotty
Sharon Hogan - Miss Skeggs
Doreen Keogh - Mrs. Heep
Fiona Lalor - Miss Horton
Anna Maguire - Young Emily (aged 9)
Terence Orr - Tungay
Sean O'Shaughnessy - Mick Walker
Phyllis Ryan - Mrs. Gummidge
Charles Wyn-Davies - Young Tommy Traddles
Fiona York - Mrs. Creakle

Directed by
Peter Medak

Produced by
John Davis (producer)
Greg Smith (producer)
Paul Lowin (associate producer)
Morgan O'Sullivan (co-producer: Ireland)
Robert Halmi, Jr. (executive producer)
David V. Picker (executive producer)

Adapted from a Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield DVD

David Copperfield [2000] DVD
David Copperfield [2000]

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