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By the end of the 1960s, British TV drama was becoming increasingly more hard-edged, and the brilliant ITV series 'Callan' was at the forefront of this new wave of realism. Edward Woodward played disenchanted secret agent Callan, with Russell Hunter as his memorably unwashed sidekick, Lonely.

- Paul Rance/

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Callan - Series 1 [Box Set] [1967]
~ Edward Woodward

Callan Cast List

Edward Woodward as David Callan
Russell Hunter as Lonely
Lisa Langdon as Liz - Hunter's Secretary
Anthony Valentine as Toby Meres
William Squire as Hunter #4
Patrick Mower as James Cross
Geoffrey Chater as Bishop
Ronald Radd as Hunter #1
Derek Bond as Hunter #3
Clifford Rose as Snell
Michael Goodliffe as Hunter #2
Paul Williamson as Stafford
T.P. McKenna as Richmond
Harry Towb as Judd
John Wentworth as Sir Michael Harvey
Burt Kwouk as Robert E. Lee
Bruce Purchase as Blair
Peter Blythe as Horst
David Hargreaves as Harris
Jonathan Newth as Henry Thackery
Morris Perry as Burov
Alan Cullen as Geoffrey Gleeson
Michael Hall as Archivist
Harold Innocent as Freddie
Dennis Thorne as Dodds
Douglas Fielding as Truman
Frank Coda as Detective Sergeant
Cheryl Hall as Girl on Bus
Queenie Watts as Lonely's Auntie
Sarah Lawson as Flo Mayhew

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