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Embrace are Yorkshire soft rockers, who have built up a large following since their debut album, 'The Good Will Out', topped the UK album charts in 1998.

After their next couple of albums failed to make such a big impact, Embrace were dropped by their label, Hut Records. The band could feel a certain amount of smugness, however, when in 2004 they topped the album charts again, with 'Out Of Nothing', which was released by Independiente.

The Embrace line-up consists of brothers Danny and Richard McNamara, Steve Firth (bass), Mike Heaton (drums), and Mickey Dale (keyboards).

- Paul Rance/

Embrace CDs

Embrace Discography

Singles (and UK chart positions)
All You Good Good People 7" (1997)
Fireworks EP (1997) #34 UK
One Big Family EP (1997) #21 UK
All You Good Good People (1997) #8 UK
Come Back to What You Know (1998) #6 UK
Abbey Road Sessions (1998)
My Weakness Is None of Your Business (1998) #9 UK
Hooligan (1999) #18 UK
You're Not Alone (2000) #14 UK
Save Me (2000) #29 UK
I Wouldn't Wanna Happen to You (2000) #23 UK
Wonder (2001) #14 UK
Make It Last (2001) #35 UK
Gravity (2004) #7 UK
Ashes (2004) #11 UK
Looking as You Are (2005) #11 UK
A Glorious Day (2005) #28 UK
Nature's Law (2006) #2 UK
World At Your Feet (2006) #3 UK
Target (2006) #29 UK
I Can't Come Down (2006) #54 UK

Studio Albums (and UK chart positions)
The Good Will Out (1998) #1 UK
Drawn from Memory (2000) #8 UK
If You've Never Been (2001) #9 UK
Out of Nothing (2004) #1 UK
This New Day (2006) #1 UK

Compilation Albums (and UK chart positions)
Fireworks: The Singles 1997-2002 (2002) #36 UK
Dry Kids: B-Sides 1997-2005 (2005) #129 UK

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