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Gary Numan - 'The Pleasure Principle'
GARY NUMAN - 'The Pleasure Principle' Cover

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Gary Numan, along with OMD, was the pioneer of British synthesizer music in the late '70s, with his still fresh sounding 'Are Friends Electric' and 'Cars'.

Originally Gary Webb, Gary Numan was born on March 8th, 1958, and replaced the Webb surname with Numan whilst looking through the Yellow Pages.

Numan's rise to the top was swift. Though his first two singles made little impression on the charts, in 1978, his first album, 'Tubeway Army', sold out in the same year.

In 1979, Numan had two UK number one singles - 'Are Friends Electric' and 'Cars', and two number one albums - 'Replicas' and 'The Pleasure Principle'. The latter being a remarkably inventive effort, and self-produced in a fortnight. A third chart-topping album, 'Telekon', followed in 1980, but Numan was not doing so well on the singles charts that year, and his career had already reached its highest point at the age of 21.

Said by some to be a difficult character, and an eccentric one, whose love of flying planes is the stuff of legend, it was not known for years that his personality had been affected by Asperger's syndrome (Gary Numan had been ridiculed by many at the height of his fame, being perceived as pretentious and obnoxious). But things are a bit different today, as that unearthly, futuristic electronic sound, allied with Numan's android-like vocals, have influenced many respected artists, including Nirvana, The Foo Fighters, and Nine Inch Nails. Sugababes sampled 'Are Friends Electric' on their 2002 UK number one, 'Freak Like Me'. In the same year Basement Jaxx had a hit with one of the most played songs of the 21st Century so far, with 'Where's Your Head At?', which featured a sample from the Gary Numan 'N.E.' late 1970s track. Numan's 'Cars' has also been sampled more than any of his other tracks, and reached number nine in the U.S. singles charts - his only U.S. top ten.

Gary Numan is now more at peace with himself, married, and the father of a small child. He's also more in control of his own career, and his legacy means he shouldn't find work in the music industry too hard to come by.

- Paul Rance, Gary Numan Stuff



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Electric Pioneer
Author: Paul Goodwin
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The Pleasure Principle
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Gary Numan - Hope Bleeds Live 2004
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Praying to the Aliens
Author: Gary Numan, Steve Mallins
Gary Numan - 'Replicas'
Gary Numan - 'Berserker' DVD
Gary Numan - Berserker [1984]
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Gary Numan
Author: Gary Numan, Steve Malins
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Tubeway Army
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Gary Numan In Concert

Gary Numan Discography

Singles (and complete list of UK chart positions)
That's Too Bad (1978) (Tubeway Army)
Bombers (1978) (Tubeway Army)
Down In The Park (1979) (Tubeway Army)
Are Friends Electric (1979) (Tubeway Army) #1
Cars (1979) #1
Complex (1979) #6
We Are Glass (1980) #5
I Die: You Die (1980) #6
This Wreckage (1980) #20
Stormtrooper In Drag (1981) with Paul Gardiner #49
She's Got Claws (1981) #6
Love Needs No Disguise (1981) Gary Numan And Dramatis #33
Music For Chameleons (1982) #19
We Take Mystery (To Bed) (1982) #9
White Boys And Heroes (1982) #20
Warriors (1983) #20
Sister Surprise (1983) #32
Berserker (1984) #32
My Dying Machine (1984) #66
Change Your Mind (1985) Sharpe And Numan #17
The Live EP (1985) #27
Your Fascination (1985) #46
Call Out The Dogs (1985) #49
Miracles (1985) #49
This Is Love (1986) #28
I Can't Stop (1986) #27
New Thing From London Town (1986) Sharpe And Numan #52
I Still Remember (1986) #74
Radio Heart (1987) Radio Heart Featuring Gary Numan #35
London Times (1987) Radio Heart Featuring Gary Numan #48
Cars (E Reg Model) (1987) remix #16
All Across The Nation (1987) Radio Heart Featuring Gary Numan
No More Lies (1988) Sharpe And Numan #34
New Anger (1988) #46
America (1988) #49
I'm On Automatic (1989) Sharpe And Numan #44
Heart (1991) #43
Emotion (1991)
The Skin Game (1992) #68
Machine + Soul (1992) #72
Cars ('93 Sprint) (1993) remix UK #53
A Question Of Faith (1994)
Absolution (1995)
Dark Light - The Live EP (1995)
Dominion Day (1998)
RIP (2002) #29
Crazier (2003) Gary Numan Vs. Rico #13
In A Dark Place (2006) #4

1978 Tubeway Army
1979 Replicas
1979 The Pleasure Principle
1980 Telekon
1980 Living Ornaments '79-'80 (live)
1981 Dance
1982 I, Assassin
1983 Warriors
1984 Berserker
1984 Live White Noise (live)
1984 The Plan (a collection of Gary's earliest recordings)
1985 The Fury
1986 Strange Charm
1987 Exhibition (compilation)
1987 Ghost (live)
1988 Metal Rhythm
1989 The Skin Mechanic (live)
1989 Automatic (Sharpe And Numan)
1990 Outland
1992 Machine + Soul
1994 Dream Corrosion (live)
1994 Sacrifice
1995 Dark Light (live)
1995 Human (Gary Numan And Michael R Smith, instrumental album)
1997 Dawn (US reissue of Sacrifice)
1997 Exile
1998 Living Ornaments '81 (live recording)
1998 The Mix (remix project by Cleopatra label, featuring Spahn Ranch, Information Society and others)
1999 The Radio One Recordings (1979 BBC radio sessions)
2000 Pure
2002 Exposure (compilation/recent material)
2003 Scarred (live)
2003 Hybrid (remix featuring Curve, Alan Moulder, Rico and Flood, Andy Gray)
2003 Reconnected: Live And More (live and studio recordings)
2004 Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire
2006 Jagged

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