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Mike Oldfield Brief Biography


Born in Reading, Berkshire, on May 15th, 1953, Mike Oldfield is one of the most gifted musical talents to have come out of the UK in the past 40 years. From a gifted musical family, Mike's sister Sally is a folk singer, and brother Terry is a composer.

Beginning in folk music, Mike Oldfield was the precocious teenage genius of rock, when, in 1973, his instrumental masterpiece 'Tubular Bells' really helped Richard Branson's Virgin empire take shape. A shy but intense soul, Mike Oldfield subsequently had problems coping with the adulation he received at such a young age.

Best remembered for 'Tubular Bells', Oldfield has produced some fine work since, but proving himself to be an insanely gifted multi-instrumentalist, so early in a career, left him with a lot to live up to. So has been the fate of Mike Oldfield.

- Paul Rance/

Mike Oldfield DVDs

'Mike Oldfield - The Millennium Bell - Live In Berlin [1999] DVD' Mike Oldfield - The Millennium Bell - Live In Berlin [1999]
'Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells II / Tubular Bells III - Live [1999] DVD' Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells II / Tubular Bells III - Live [1999]

Mike Oldfield CDs

All Products : The Studio Albums: 1992-2003
The Studio Albums: 1992-2003
by: Mike Oldfield

Product image for ASIN: B00004T9AF Tubular Bells Vol.1
Product image for ASIN: B00004T9AQ Killing Fields

Mike Oldfield Studio Albums Discography

1973 – Tubular Bells
1974 – Hergest Ridge
1975 – Ommadawn
1978 – Incantations
1979 – Platinum
(released in the US as part of Airborn)
1980 – QE2
1982 – Five Miles Out
1983 – Crises
1984 – Discovery
1987 – Islands
1989 – Earth Moving
1990 – Amarok
1991 – Heaven's Open
1992 – Tubular Bells II
1994 – The Songs Of Distant Earth
1996 – Voyager
1998 – Tubular Bells III
1999 – Guitars
1999 – The Millennium Bell
2002 – Tr3s Lunas aka Tres Lunas
2003 – Tubular Bells 2003
2005 – Light & Shade

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