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The Peace & Freedom Magazine Abstract Critique Interview


Abstract Critique interviewed by Paul Rance for Peace & Freedom, No. 1, January 1985

Abstract Critique, led by the likeable Stewie, were an interesting combo from Waterlooville, Hants. In the first issue of “Peace & Freedom” Stewie gives some typically forthright views.

PR. How do you feel about the current obsession in the music industry with fashion and looking 'right'?

S. We have always hated the fashion/music industry! We wish it would just die - but there's too much money being made. I hate 'looking right' - it's like you're playing a part in a play. People stand at gigs and don't dance because their hairstyle will flop, or their make-up will run and they'll mess their expensive boutique fashion clothes which cost them a fortune.

PR. What are your opinions on the current music scene?

S. Depends - mostly it's heading nowhere. A few good bands, some good ideas, but little else (wonder what the next fashion will be??).

PR. How do you regard the music media?

S. Shit. I thought they were out to help, they give a review of some band and spend a page talking about their big toe in the local pub. Stick to fanzines - but even some of them are - and they're supposed to be the independents!!

PR. Who do you most admire, whether they're in music or from other walks of life?

S. No-one. I have no idols, gods or masters. I buy no records, tapes or stuff.

PR. What is the Abstract Critique philosophy?

S. I'd rather people wrote to us themselves and actually did something for a change. Most of the readers out there are apathetic.

PR. When do you think punk began to decline and why?

S. Punk declined as soon as it started. It was self-destructive.

PR. Have you any major plans for '85?

S. Just recording the new tape 'Esmerelda' DCR 007, and starting our bootleg tabe label, and a tour in the summer.

PR. Do you think apathy is beginning to set in among a lot of the nation's youth rather than passionately fighting back?

S. Fighting back! Half of them fart in a toilet and think they're subversive - apathy rules?

PR. If you weren't involved in a band would you still be involved in a creative medium?

S. Yes. Either in acting or writing somewhere. More like writing for other fanzines.

PR. Where do you think the country's heading?!

S. Who knows? Let's wait and see - Orwell's 1984 has gone - what will happen in 1985.

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