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No Man Is Roger Miller - Win! Instantly! (SST 243/Vinyl) (1989)

No Man Is Roger Miller CD
No Man Is Roger Miller - 'Win! Instantly!' CD available from

Some powerful electronic music here, with a 'green feel'. 'Calling The Animals' is particularly notable on side 1, with strange vox. All the material has strong hooks, and 'The Quarry', on side 2, is another fine track with a honey-sweet, melodic feel. 'Voluptuous Airplanes' is lyrically limited, but comes off okay. The lyrics are really fresh and original - a guy to watch.

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, Vol. 6, No. 3, Autumn/Winter 1989

Win! Instantly! Track Listing

1. Run Water, Run Water
2. No Man's Landing
3. Calling The Animals
4. Scratch
5. This Is Not A Photograph
6. The Promised Land
7. The Quarry
8. Renegades
9. Voluptuous Airplanes



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