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In memory of Peace & Freedom Band co-founder Andrew/Andy Bruce (1962-2017)

Animals, Freedom, Flowers, Trees, Peace, Fun, Rock... The Peace & Freedom Band

The Peace & Freedom Band in the 1980s


The Peace & Freedom Band is a British underground band that took its name from the music and poetry fanzine - Peace & Freedom. At the time, in December 1986, the magazine was published by Paul Rance, who was one of the founding members of the band. They were active in the UK cassette culture underground of the 1980s, and released their own independently recorded music on cassette tapes. During the 1990s, they were one of the first underground bands to produce music in MP3 format.

Influenced by the spirit of punk and hippie philosophy, the band consisted of poets/songwriters Paul Rance, Poseidon and Angelo Gravity, who all played guitar, keyboards and percussion, and sang vocals. The P&F Band has always been anti-establishment and has covered issues, such as animal and human rights, and the environment. Musically, The Peace & Freedom Band is largely experimental and alternative in style. Influences include psychedelic, punk and space rock music.

Their first album, Life, came out on cassette in 1988, and was helped by ex-APF Brigade member Andy Xport, who joined as an auxiliary member, and did most of the production. A number of other albums and EPs followed.

The band continues to make music, which they term 'eco' rock. Their final album on cassette was Universal Love, which was released in 1997. Earth in 2000 was their first album on CD. After being quiet for a few years, they began to venture into downloadable music, and Earth R.I.P. - Or?... was released in 2008.

- Andy Bruce, Paul Rance/

The Peace & Freedom Band Albums Discography

Life (1988)
Carry On Taping (1988)
Secret Joinery (1989)
Is God A Dropout? (1990)
Cedric (1991)
Universal Love (1997)
Earth (2000)


P&F sound cool. I like it. ~ Toshi Hiraoka/Voice of Angel, Japan
Thanx a lot for a great tape. I loved it very much. ~ Mathias Lang/Irre Tapes, W. Germany
Found some good tracks. ~ Robin Chuter/Fool's Paradise, Belgium
I enjoyed it and would like to release it. ~ Al Margolis/Sound of Pig Music, U.S.A.

Has lots of good cuts - I'll certainly be playing "Life". ~ Don Campau/Lonely Whistle Music & KKUP Radio Host, U.S.A.

"I wish you much success with your music!" ~ Byrds legend, Roger McGuinn.

Paul Rance on the making of the Life album

"Veil of Flames was my attempt at a creepy, horror soundtrack."

"There's quite a few tracks that are in sections... A lot of experimental stuff. Like Monty (Python), some works some doesn't."

"Andy Xport, Poseidon and I recorded a lot of material separately. Then Andy and I finished the album off at his home in Peterborough. It was completed around midnight if I recall. Luckily, Andy had cool neighbours!"


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The Peace & Freedom Band, 1989


The Peace & Freedom Band Life Album Cover

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