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The Peace & Freedom Magazine Reality Interview


Reality interviewed by Paul Rance for Peace & Freedom, No. 1, January 1985

REALITY, formed in 1981, are building a good reputation for themselves up and down the country, and after hearing "Who Killed the Golden Goose", it's easy to see why. A mixture of tuneful punk at the beginning onto a power pop middle and a punky finish comes off really well. The band must be sick and tired of being patronised about their abilities -- for a band so young. I won't comment on their ages, but suffice to say the 25-year-old P&F ed. feels over the hill and faraway. The 3-side "Lonely Shadow" is more of an out and out punk number, but it's good enough to be most bands A-side. Bands don't always live up to their promise, but if REALITY do, who knows?...

...And now the REALITY interview.

Reality bio

How do you find the Norfolk "scene", i.e.: suitable venues?

Not very good at all. The Gala in Norwich was closed by the council about a year ago. West Runton Pavilion is in a similar situation, although Hanoi Rocks played there a short while ago. The Disruptors in Norwich have found a pub basement in the city, which we will be playing at the end of March. Kings Lynn has two really good venues -- The Precinct (which has a laser show) and Blue & the Gold Club.

You backed the U.K. Subs in Norwich -- did you learn anything from them?

When you see the U.K. Subs you realise how professional and incredibly tight they are. The band love the "Endangered Species" LP by them. Charlie Harper was a great chap, he was even seen pogoing to us.

How do you find studio work as opposed to playing live?

Musically it's more satisfying in the studio; probably more rewarding when you do the final mix. You learn a lot in the studio, you can't make mistakes. You get a real buzz on stage, however, when the audience are reacting crazy.

Has your "sound" improved to the extent you would have hoped?

For the moment, we are satisfied with it. We've got expensive equipment and it pays off. Obviously, though, we strive to get better, always.

Who are your favourite bands?

Veng likes Santana, The Cult, U.K. Subs, Motorhead, Damned, Ruts and U2; Pete likes The Clash, Ruts and U.S. Hardcore; Gullet likes The Damned, U.K. Subs and The Vibrators.

You suffered a bit of hostility on your early days, has that died down now?

We didn't actually get any hostility. It was just that we played a few early gigs in youth clubs -- one particularly on an R.A.F. base where we insulted The Queen. Also, the first chaotic gig where the local Jehovah Witnesses called the police in to close the gig down. We upset a lot of respectable people in the early days -- it was a good laugh.

You have a 12" coming out in Jan., What are your plans after that?

Well, it's probably coming out in May now and will have 4 tracks on it: "Swimming against the Tide", "Things That I've Lost", "Derelict Head" and an old Who Classic. Meanwhile "Who Killed The Golden Goose" is still available for 99p.

What has been your best gig?

We can't think of one in particular but the following stand out -- July '82 -- Norwich Flixton Rooms (with Flux), Now '82 -- Norwich Gals (U.K. Subs), July '84 -- Kings Lynn Eagle and Sept. '84 -- Leeds, Brannigan (Toy Dolls).

Are there any up and coming bands in Kings Lynn we should look out for?

The European Toys -- who've got an album coming out on Backs -- produced by Rat Scabies of The Damned. The Rotten Corpses (from Wisbech), and a newish group called The Bandits, who are a bit like The Stranglers.

What are your "hates" as regards the music industry?

Well, we despise the monopoly of the big pop stars and the way they are drummed into people -- like Michael Jackson and Wham! They get all the money and the smaller groups get next to nothing.

Thanks to REALITY's manager, Tox, for answers (and info, etc.) on behalf of the group.

Reality Are:
Veng Guitar, vocals
Pete Bass
Gullet Drums

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