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The Peace & Freedom Magazine Steve Andrews Interview


Steve Andrews (now known as the Bard of Ely) interviewed by Paul Rance for Peace & Freedom, Vol. 9, No. 1, Summer 1993

Welsh wizard Steve describes how, and why...

SA. I think of myself as a singer/songwriter, entertainer and communicator. I've played thousands of gigs in my time, fronting various rock bands, and also solo, with guitar and additional toys, like my spaceship. My songs have been included on compilation albums, including 'Meltdown - The Album' on Chariot, which had some excellent national press (Steve being described as a "notable highlight" by 'Q' magazine - Ed.). I've been described as eclectic, mystic, eccentric, idiosyncratic and a cosmic hippy guru - I feel all these names apply to parts of me and I'm quite happy with the comparisons being made with Roy Harper and Syd Barrett, because these two have been musical 'heroes' of mine, although I've never consciously copied their style - I'm not clever enough as a musician. Big influences have been Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Marc Bolan, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen, and The Incredible String Band. I listen to all sorts of stuff, including Welsh language bands. My faves of the moment are The Shamen. Besides my own music I've been working part time as secretary to Robin Williamson (founder of The Incredible String Band - Ed.), and I've been doing this for a few years now. Last year saw the release of my debut album, 'Dive In Deep' on my own label.

Steve goes on to give his views on life, and his interests...

SA. I personally feel that the male dominated macho world with its politics, power structures, dictatorships, wars, and untold damage to the ecosystem have just about run their course, and that we'll be moving into a more feminine inspired future when people will have greatly enhanced abilities for communication and co-operation, as well as better intuition and awareness. I'm sure we are in for some very tough times ahead before we get back into balance with Mother Earth. I'm interested in the paranormal, UFOs, the esoteric side of life and the 'New Age' - but I hate that term. I'm a big fan of David Icke's and I hope many more people look into what he is actually saying in his books and lectures. I like to support positive movements like Greenpeace, FOE, BUAV, and ANL. I get a lot of inspiration and joy from nature and love rambling in the countryside. I have too many interests, in the main, though, I'd list the world of nature - especially fish, amphibians, insects, trees and plants. I also do a lot of reading.

Steve describes his ambitions and hopes...

SA. I'd like to get my big break of course. Fame gives access to the media and communication lines. I'd love to have my own studio. I'd love to have more money so I could help organisations I believe in. I wouldn't say no to a better lifestyle, too. I've been in two films - 'Rebecca's Daughters' by Karl Francis and 'Blodeuwedd' by Alison Thompson of Newport Film School, where I play the warlock. I'd like some more acting roles, preferably in film or TV. I'm optimistic about my future.

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