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Ziggy Marley

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Ziggy Marley is the son of reggae legend Bob Marley. Real name David, and born on October 17th, 1968, Ziggy was a nickname given to him by his father.

Ziggy's father taught him how to play guitar and drums, and he made his recording debut as early as 1979, backing his dad on 'Children Playing In The Streets', together with siblings Cedella, Stephen, and Sharon. Bob's musical children were to be known as The Melody Makers, and they were to play at their father's funeral in 1981.

The Melody Makers went on to record several albums - the most successful being 'Conscious Party (1988)', 'One Bright Day (1989)', and 'Jahmekya (1991)'. Ziggy's solo career began with the 2003 album, 'Dragonfly'. His second solo album, 'Love Is My Religion', was released in 2006, and sums up vegetarian Ziggy's attitude on life. Ziggy also sings the theme song on hit children's show, 'Arthur', and was the voice of a Rasta jellyfish in the hit animation film, 'Shark Tale (2004)'.

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