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The Slits were the female equivalent of The Sex Pistols on the British punk scene of the mid-late 1970s. Admired by Johnny Rotten and John Peel, The Slits were brave girls who would play in front of the type of audiences, who, to say were volatile, is like saying George Best was a useful footballer.

Consisting of members with the kind of colourful names which typified the period, such as Ari Up, Palmolive, and Suzi Gutsy, The Slits began as a punk band, before veering off into a more experimental direction.

The Slits were never commercially successful, with their name being a big drawback, and their 1979 debut album, 'Cut', probably scaring off many - what with the album's cover photo showing the band topless and covered in mud!

- Paul Rance/

The Slits Discography

Studio Albums
Cut (1979)
Return Of The Giant Slits (1981)

Live Albums
Bootleg Retrospective (1980)

Compilation Albums
The Peel Sessions (1988)
In The Beginning (1997)

Typical Girls/I Heard It Through The Grapevine (1979)
Man Next Door (1979)
In The Beginning There Was Rhythm (split single with The Pop Group, 1980)
Animal Space (1980)
Earthbeat (1981)

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Revenge of the Killer Slits Ep
Return of the Giant Slits
The Peel Sessions
In the Beginning
Live at the Gibus Club

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