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Pussy Riot

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BBC Storyville documentary about Pussy Riot, the Russian, feminist anti-Putin punk rock performance group. Three members were arrested in February, 2012 after an attemped performance in a Moscow cathedral "punk prayer protest". Band members Nadia, Katia and Masha were given two years each.

The collective consists of around ten political activists, who wear brightly coloured costumes and balaclavas to hide their faces and their identies are kept secret. They began to stage short flash protests around Moscow, performing fast punk rock songs critical of the government, particularly its restrictive policies on women's issues.

"Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer" contains interviews with members of the band who explain the motives behind their protests, and footage of the trial. Over 25 years after its inception, Pussy Riot proves that Punk rock is still an effective vehicle of protest.

- Andy Bruce/

Pussy Riot - Putin Lights Up The Fires music video

Pussy Riot on Soundcloud

"We belong to leftist anti-capitalist ideology — we charge no fees for viewing our artwork, all our videos are distributed freely on the web, the spectators to our performances are always spontaneous passers by, and we never sell tickets to our 'shows.'" - Pussy Riot.

"We didn't ask for any pardon. I would have sat here until the end of my sentence because I don't need mercy from Putin." - Maria Alyokhina.






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