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ROBBIE WILLIAMS - 'Intensive Care' publicity photo
ROBBIE WILLIAMS - 'Intensive Care' publicity photo



Robbie Williams was the guy the rest of Take That realised was the real talent. The now standard 'Angels' established Robbie as a solo artist, and hits like 'Millennium' and 'She's The One' have just underlined the fact that Robbie Williams is the standout male pop singer of his generation, and one of pop's best songwriters, too.

Arguably the star turn at Live 8, Williams won Best Male Artist at the 2005 MTV Europe awards, and showcased his new album, 'Intensive Care', at a magnificent venue in Berlin, so it's no surprise that the Robster couldn't quite make the Take That reunion. Robbie Williams is doing okay on his own, thanks very much, and 'Intensive Care' was Europe's biggest selling album of 2005.

Robbie Williams performed 'Bodies' from his album, 'Reality Killed The Video Star', on ITV's 'The X Factor' in 2009 - his first live performance for three years, and he revealed that things didn't go according to plan right at the beginning. Williams said the sliding door he was meant to enter through didn't open properly, and that he had to open it himself! Some critics were less than kind about Robbie's performance, but, all things considered, it seemed typical Robbie Williams to me.

- Paul Rance/ Robbie Williams Stuff

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