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The Cure Brief Biography


The Cure are one of the most popular of all non-mainstream rock groups. Referred to as alternative, gothic rock, post-punk, et al, you could throw in glam rock as well - if you take into account eccentric frontman Robert Smith's clumsy attempts at applying lippy.

Robert Smith once said he couldn't see himself as a rock singer after the age of 25, yet he's still here. Wild-haired, moody, but, to the fans at Live 8 in Paris, still magnificent.

Formed in 1976, in Crawley, Sussex, around the time the punk rock movement was beginning to rumble, The Cure originally consisted of three schoolfriends of Smith: Porl Thompson (guitar); Michael Dempsey (bass); Laurence 'Lol' Tolhurst (drums). Known then as The Easy Cure, two years later, as The Cure, they signed for Fiction Records, though Thompson had left by this time, but would rejoin, leave, and then rejoin again.

Their first single, 'Killing An Arab', caused disquiet, and the band were forced to put stickers out with the record, denying it was meant to be racist - accusations contemporaries like Joy Division/New Order also had to endure. The late 1970s and early 1980s were seeing a lot of provocative statements by punk and post-punk groups/singers, to get a reaction, but it was not always wise, as racial tension was higher then, in the UK (yes, even more so than now), and the bands making the statements were trying to get a different reaction to that which often occurred.

The Cure toured with Joy Division and Siouxsie And The Banshees in the late '70s, and these three groups are often lumped together, because of their dark material. Robert Smith was, at one point, playing guitar for two bands at the same gigs - The Cure, and also helping Siouxsie out - after The Banshees guitarist left amidst a lot of acrimony.

Released in 1979, 'Boys Don't Cry' was The Cure's second single, and is still probably their most famous song, with Smith's melancholy vocals in full, glorious misery. In 1980, 'A Forest' was released. An epic song, which was a particular favourite on John Peel's 'Festive Fifty' at the time. Simon Gallup (bass) and Matthieu Hartley (keyboards) joined around this time, and Dempsey left.

Over the years, The Cure have become more successful with albums, than with singles, regularly making both the top 20 in the UK and US, and culminating in their 1992 album, 'Wish', topping the UK charts, and reaching number two in the US. In 2004 they picked up the MTV Icon Award.

The band has seen many line-up changes over the years, and, in 2005, The Cure consisted of original members Robert Smith and Porl Thompson, Simon Gallup, and Jason Cooper (drums).

- Paul Rance/

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Cure, The - Trilogy - Live In Berlin [2002]

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The Cure CDs

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The Cure Discography

Singles (and UK chart positions; US Hot 100 positions in brackets)
1978 Killing An Arab
1979 Boys Don't Cry
1979 Jumping Someone Else's Train
1980 A Forest 31
1981 Primary 43
1981 Charlotte Sometimes 44
1982 The Hanging Garden 34
1982 Let's Go To Bed 34
1983 The Walk 12
1983 The Lovecats 7
1984 The Caterpillar 14
1985 In-Between Days (Without You) 15 (99)
1985 Close To Me 24
1986 Boys Don't Cry (re-issue) 22
1987 Why Can't I Be You? 21 (54)
1987 Catch 27
1988 Just Like Heaven 29 (40)
1988 Hot Hot Hot!!! (65)
1988 Fascination Street (46)
1988 Lullaby 5 (74)
1989 Love Song 18 (2)
1990 Pictures Of You 24 (71)
1990 Never Enough 13 (72)
1990 Hello I Love You
1990 Close To Me (Closet Mix) 13 (97)
1992 High 8 (42)
1992 Friday I'm In Love 6 (18)
1992 A Letter to Elise 28
1994 Purple Haze
1996 The 13th 15 (44)
1996 Mint Car 31 (58)
1996 Gone 60
1997 Wrong Number
2000 Maybe Someday
2001 Cut Here
2004 The End Of the World 25
2004 Taking Off 39
2004 alt.end
2008 The Only One
2008 Freakshow
2008 Sleep When I'm Dead
2008 The Perfect Boy

Studio Albums (and UK and US chart positions)
(1980) Seventeen Seconds - #20 UK
(1981) Faith - #14 UK
(1982) Pornography - #8 UK
(1984) The Top - #10 UK, #180 US
(1985) The Head on the Door - #7 UK, #60 US
(1987) Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me - #6 UK, #35 US
(1989) Disintegration - #3 UK, #12 US
(1992) Wish - #1 UK, #2 US
(1996) Wild Mood Swings - #9 UK, #12 US
(2000) Bloodflowers - #14 UK, #16 US
(2004) The Cure - #8 UK, #7 US
(2008) 4:13 Dream - #33 UK, #16 US






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