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Motörhead are one of those groups the rock purists may sneer at, but, behind all the front, Motörhead were one of the best heavy rock groups around. There was a melodic power to their music, which many heavy rock bands couldn't touch. A lot of heavy rock music sounds the same, but Motörhead's music was distinctive, and their 1980 song, 'Ace Of Spades', is a genuine rock classic.

Group lead singer and bassist, Lemmy, seemed the wild rocker, but he came across as a nice guy in interviews. He was well-read, and came a long way from being a roadie for Jimi Hendrix, and from singing with Hawkwind on that early 1970s classic, 'Silver Machine'. Previously to being with the space rockers Lemmy had also been in sparkling form in the late 1960s with the underground psychedelic rock group Sam Gopal.

- Paul Rance/

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Ace of Spades
On Parole

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