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The Duke of Wellington (1769-1852) was born Arthur Wellesley, in Ireland, and was the son of an Irish peer. He entered the Army as a teenager, and served in India, gradually gaining a solid reputation. On quitting the Army, he became a Tory MP in 1806. Wellington returned to the Army in 1808, with his military career culminating at the Battle of Waterloo, and with his helping to ensure humane treatment of the French state after its defeat. Returning to politics, Wellington became British Prime Minister in 1827, for three years. Despite being very conservative in his views, he was largely responsible for Catholic emancipation in 1829. In 1842 he was appointed Commander in Chief.

- Paul Rance/

Wellington: The Iron Duke
~Richard Holmes
Paperback - February 3, 2003
Wellington's Smallest Victory: The Duke, the Model Maker and the Secret of Waterloo
~Peter Hofschroer
Faber and Faber Ltd
Hardcover - June 1, 2004
Memoir of the Duke of Wellington
~Charles Mac Farlane
Lightning Source UK Ltd

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