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Bob The Builder - A Christmas To Remember

Bob The Builder

Bob The Builder - Knights Of Can-A-Lot DVD
Bob The Builder - Knights Of Can-A-Lot

Bob The Builder - LIVE!
Bob The Builder - Speedy Skip
Bob The Builder - Teamwork Challenge

'Bob the Builder' is one of the most popular British animated children's series ever screened by the BBC, with Neil Morrissey as the voice of the ever-helpful builder Bob.

Bob's the Builder's famous catchphrase, "Can we fix it? Yes, we can!", is the show's theme song, and became a UK Christmas number one in 2000, followed in 2001 by another Bob-related chart-topper, 'Mambo No.5'.

DVDs For Young Children

Bob The Builder In Detail


If you live in world of toddlers, tantrums, toilet training and teething then you will be more than familiar with the shining light at the end of the patched up tunnel that is Mr Bob the Builder. Bob the Builder has the power to captivate the mind of a tearaway three year old, and more importantly, hold their attention. Why, you may ask is Bob the Builder so appealing to young audiences? Well, the simple answer is that Bob the Builder fixes things, sometimes by hitting them with a hammer!! And to a young child, that is simply the most awesomely coolest thing in the whole wide world.

The longer answer is that Bob the builder (with his trusted team of sidekicks) is a carefully constructed and thought-out modern childrens television programme that is designed in such a way that children learn morals and good behaviour through watching anthropomorphised characters interact with each other. Most modern childrens television programmes are created in this way, take for example Lazy Town, with it emphasis on healthy eating and exercising, or Dora the Explorer who solves puzzles whilst exploring and saving the day.

Bob the Builder came to TV screens in 1999. The first series was centred around Bob. a construction worker (voiced by Neil Morrissey). Set in Bobsville, Bob and his business partner Wendy run Bobs` construction yard. On hand to help out are Bob`s `can-do-crew`, a team made up of animated clay characters including vehicles, animals and a mischievous scarecrow called Spud.

The crew themselves have a huge following, each has their own personality and catchphrase, amongst the most popular are: Scoop the yellow Digger, who is the leader of the vehicles. Scoops catchphrase is "No, prob Bob!" He loves moving dirt and is always up for a challenge. Muck, the red Digger Dump Truck. Muck loves getting dirty, but is afraid of the dark Mucks catchphrase is "Muck to the rescue!". Dizzy is the Orange cement mixer, who often says "Brilliant!". Dizzy loves music and loves chattering and giggling. Roley, the green Steam Roller. Roley says "Rock n` Roll!" and he loves singing and spinning. Benny the small purple Digger. Benny says "It`s unreal banana peel!" and is a confident enthusiastic special robo-digger. Lofty is the blue Crane who most often says "Er, yeah, I think so!" He is timid and scared of heights and Spud the screcrow.

The second, and subsequent series of Bob the Builder, are titled "Project: Build-It" and see Bob and his crew move to Sunflower valley to take part in a Eco competition to build a new community.
Project Build it focuses on eco-friendly planning and construction. And its central theme is "Reduce! Re-use! Recycle!".

Bob the Builder has been successfully cemented a place in children and adults psyches for evermore with its infectious Number 1 Single, "Can we fix it...Yes! We can". Additionally you will find an array of merchandising and Bob The Builder Bedroom accessories available.

Bob the Builder People
Bob the Builder
Wendy - Bob's business associate
Farmer Pickles
Spud - A scarecrow (belongs to Farmer Pickles)
Mr Sabatini - Runs the local pizza shop
Mr Bentley - The building inspector.
Mrs Sabatini
Mr Ellis - Museum Manager
Mr Beasley
Mrs Percival - School Headmaster
Mrs Potts
Mavis - Postwoman
Mr.Dixon - Postman
Robert - Bob's Dad
Dorothy - Bob's Mum
Tom - Bob's Twin Brother
Mr Costello - Drive-in Movie manager
JJ - Parts Supplier
Molly - JJ's daughter
Jenny - Wendy's Sister
Dora - Bob's Aunt

Bob the Builder Machines
Scoop - Yellow backhoe
Muck - Red bulldozer
Dizzy - Orange concrete mixer
Roley - Green steamroller
Lofty - Blue crane
Travis - Cyan tractor (belongs to Farmer Pickles)
Skip - Yellow truck
Trix - Purple forklift
Scrambler - Darkish blue quadbike
Benny - Darkish Pink Excavator
Scoot - Black & Yellow, Tom's Snow Ski
Zoomer - Light Purple Snow Ski

Bob the Builder Animals
Pilchard - Bob's cat
Bird - A bird, Roley's best friend
Squak - A Crow
Tommy - Mrs.Potts turtle
Humpty - Farmer Pickles' prize pig
Scruffty - Farmer Pickles' dog
Hamish - Molly's Parrot

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