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Asterix - Box Set DVD
Asterix - Box Set DVD

List Of Animated Asterix Films
Asterix the Gaul (1967) · Asterix and Cleopatra (1968) · The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (1976) · Asterix Versus Caesar (1985) · Asterix in Britain (1986) · Asterix and the Big Fight (1989) · Asterix Conquers America (1994) · Asterix and the Vikings (2006)

Barney - Beach Party DVD
Barney - Beach Party 

The best-loved purple dinosaur ever, Barney began life in 1987, when created by Sheryl Leach as a way of entertaining her son. 

Bagpuss - The Complete Bagpuss On DVD [1974]
Bagpuss - The Complete Bagpuss [1974]

Bagpuss Episode List

Created by Oliver Postgate, there were 13 episodes of 'Bagpuss' in all, and they were:

The Ship In A Bottle
"Where would it sail to?" (first shown 12th February, 1974)
The Owls Of Athens - A dirty rag that reveals a picture once cleaned (first shown 19th February, 1974)
The Frog Princess - Assorted jewels, which initially are thought to represent a cat and mouse, but which Gabriel decides were the crown jewels of a frog princess (first shown 26th February, 1974)
The Ballet Shoe - Put to inventive use by the mice, and the subject of a very silly song about its possible use as a rowing boat (first shown 5th March, 1974),
The Hamish - A tartan pin cushion (first shown 12th March, 1974)
The Wise Man - A broken figurine of a Chinaman, claimed by Yaffle to be the very wise Ling-Po (first shown 19th March, 1974)
The Elephant - Missing its ears (first shown 26th March, 1974)
The Mouse Mill - Demonstrated by the mice to make chocolate biscuits out of butterbeans and breadcrumbs. This turns out to be a mischievous fraud (first shown 2nd April, 1974)
The Giant - A statuette (first shown 9th April, 1974)
Old Man's Beard - A tangly plant (first shown 16th April, 1974)
The Fiddle - Which plays itself (first shown 23rd April, 1974)
Flying - A basket which the mice attempt to turn into a flying machine (first shown 30th April, 1974)
Uncle Feedle - A piece of cloth, decided to be a house for a rag doll (first shown 7th May, 1974)

Balamory - Musical Stories DVD

Balamory - Musical Stories

Balamory Trivia

Terry Wogan made a guest appearance in one episode ('The Game Show') as a television director. John Altman (who played Nasty Nick Cotton in 'Eastenders') has also guested.

'Balamory' is filmed in Tobermory, Scotland. The TV show 'Balamory' was going to be called Tobermory, but was changed because one of the Wombles was called Tobermory.

In 'Tooth and Claw', a 2006 episode of the sci-fi series 'Doctor Who', set in 1879 Scotland, the Tenth Doctor pretends to be a "Doctor James McCrimmon of the township of Balamory".

The Adventures of Black Beauty & Black Beauty DVDs from

The Adventures Of Black Beauty - The Best Of Series Two DVD
The Adventures Of Black Beauty - The Best Of Series Two

Adventures Of Black Beauty, The - The Best Of Series One [1972]

Product image for ASIN: B00004U8NB
Black Beauty [1994]

Black Beauty [1971]

'Black Beauty' was originally a novel written by Anna Sewell, which was published in 1877 - shortly before Anna's death. In over a hundred years since, the story has been made into several films, and was also a British television series, 'The Adventures Of Black Beauty (1972-74)'.

Anna said of her book: "its special aim being to induce kindness, sympathy, and an understanding treatment of horses"

Danger Mouse DVDs from

Danger Mouse - Project Moon [2002] DVD
Danger Mouse - Project Moon [2002]

Danger Mouse - Viva Danger Mouse
Danger Mouse - Vol. 1
Danger Mouse - Vol. 2 [1980]
Danger Mouse - Who Stole The Bagpipes?

'Danger Mouse' was a popular and well made British animated TV series of the 1980s. With the voices of David Jason as Danger Mouse, and Terry Scott as his hamster partner, Penfold, they took on foes such as Count Duckula and Baron Silas Greenback.

Fimbles DVD from

Fimbles - The Best Of Fimbles DVD
Fimbles - The Best Of Fimbles 

'Fimbles' is a BBC pre-school children's show, that features colourful characters - following on from 'Tweenies' and 'Teletubbies'.

The stripey characters include Fimbo, Florrie, and Baby Pom, a blue frog, Rockit, a purple and green striped mole, Roly Mo, a pink bird, Bessie, and Bessie's baby, Ribble.

Maisy DVDs from

Maisy's Farm [2001] DVD
Maisy's Farm [2001]

Product image for ASIN: B0006DWHK2
Maisy - Christmas And Other Stories [1999]

Maisy's ABC DVD
Maisy's ABC

Mickey Mouse DVD from

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Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas

Mickey Mouse DVDs from

Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey Mouse in Black and White DVD
Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey Mouse in Black and White

Product image for ASIN: B00006JZI2
Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

The Muppets DVDs from

Evolving out of the massively popular American children's TV show, 'Sesame Street', 'The Muppets', with such memorable characters as Miss Piggy and Kermit, were a wonderful Jim Henson creation, and were one of the biggest shows of the '70s. To this day, 'The Muppets' remain one of the most popular children's shows ever and several Muppet movies have also been made.

The Muppet Christmas Carol [1993]

Muppet Treasure Island [1996]
Muppets - Muppets From Space [1999]
The Muppets Take Manhattan [1984]

The Muppets DVDs from

The Muppet Show - Season One DVD
The Muppet Show - Season One

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Muppet Movies DVD 3-Pack -


Created by Enid Blyton, 'Noddy' is probably her most famous creation, and has, in recent years, been made into an animated series by the BBC. 

Noddy - Make Way For Noddy DVD
Noddy - Make Way For Noddy

'Rainbow' was a true ITV children's classic programme, which ran from 1972 to 1992. Although aimed at the under fives, 'Rainbow' built up a cult status with adults, and also won the 'Best Children's Programme' for 1975, awarded by the Society of Film and Television Arts.

The characters in 'Rainbow' were particularly memorable and lovable; loud Zippy, brown, bungling bear, Bungle, shy pink hippo, George - and, trying to keep order, was genial Geoffrey.

- Paul Rance/

Rainbow - 30th Anniversary Special Edition DVD
Rainbow - 30th Anniversary Special Edition

Scooby Doo DVDs from

'Scooby-Doo' is the longest running cartoon series ever, and was first broadcast in the U.S. by CBS in 1969. The main character was the eponymous, happy, nervous, lovable Great Dane. As it was the hippie era, it seemed obvious to introduce Shaggy as TV's first hippie superstar and Scooby's equally nervous human companion! Scooby's other human companions are perfect Fred, glamorous Daphne, and downbeat Velma. 'Scooby-Doo' was originally produced by the legendary Hanna-Barbera Productions.

- Paul Rance/

Scooby Doo - Live Action Movie [2002] DVD
Scooby Doo - Live Action Movie [2002]

Scooby Doo And The Loch Ness Monster DVD [2004]
Scooby Doo And The Loch Ness Monster [2004]

Product image for ASIN: B000H30MMQ
Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo DVDs from

Scooby Doo, Where Are You! - The Complete First And Second Season DVD
Scooby Doo, Where Are You! - The Complete First And Second Seasons

Product image for ASIN: B00003JRAI
Scooby-Doo's Original Mysteries

Shrek DVDs from

Shrek 1 & 2 Box Set
Shrek 1, voiced by: Mike Myers - Shrek; Cameron Diaz - Princess Fiona; Eddie Murphy - Donkey; John Lithgow - Lord Farquaad.
Shrek 1 songs: All Star; I'm a Believer - Smash Mouth; Meditation - Antonio Carlos Jobim; On The Road Again; Welcome To DuLoc; Friends; Try A Little Tenderness - Eddie Murphy; Bad Reputation - Joan Jett; Whipped Cream - Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass; I'm On My Way - The Proclaimers; Escape (Pina Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes; Merry Men - Vincent Cassel; My Beloved Monster - Eels; Stay Home - Self; You Belong To Me - Jason Wade; Best Years Of Our Lives - Baha Men; Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright; Like Wow! - Leslie Carter; It Is You (I Have Loved) - Dana Glover.

Shrek 2

Shrek DVDs from

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Product image for ASIN: B0002TUCRU
Shrek 2

Product image for ASIN: B0001UZZWW
Shrek/Shrek 3D Double Bill


Voiced by Tom Kenny, Spongebob Squarepants is one of the most popular cartoon characters of the 21st Century. Living under the sea, Spongebob's world is very surreal - even by cartoon standards.

Spongebob's neurotic friend Squidward is almost as memorable as Spongebob himself, and life under the sea doesn't always go swimmingly...

Spongebob Squarepants DVDs from

Spongebob Squarepants - The Movie DVD
Spongebob Squarepants - The Movie

Spongebob Squarepants - Seascape Capers DVD
Spongebob Squarepants - Seascape Capers

Spongebob Squarepants - Goes Prehistoric DVD
Spongebob Squarepants - Goes Prehistoric

Spongebob Squarepants DVDs from 

SpongeBob SquarePants - The Complete 1st Season DVD
SpongeBob SquarePants - The Complete 1st Season

Product image for ASIN: B0002JP58Q
SpongeBob SquarePants - The Complete 2nd Season

Product image for ASIN: B000A6CLKQ
SpongeBob SquarePants - The Complete 3rd Season

Spongebob Squarepants Voice Cast List

Tom Kenny: SpongeBob SquarePants, Gary the Snail, French Narrator, Patchy the Pirate (real actor, not just voice), Mr. SquarePants, miscellaneous
Bill Fagerbakke: Patrick Star
Rodger Bumpass: Squidward Tentacles, Dr. Gill Gilliam
Carolyn Lawrence: Sandy Cheeks
Clancy Brown: Eugene H. "Armor Abs" Krabs
Dee Bradley Baker: Squilliam Fancyson, miscellaneous characters
Doug Lawrence (aka Mr. Lawrence): Sheldon J. Plankton, Larry Lobster, miscellaneous characters
Lori Alan: Pearl Krabs
Mary Jo Catlett: Mrs. Poppy Puff
Sirena Irwin: miscellaneous characters
Lauren Tom: miscellaneous characters
Stephen Hillenburg: Polly the Parrot
Brian Doyle-Murray: The Flying Dutchman
Jill Talley: Karen (Plankton's computer wife)
Paul Tibbitt: Mama Krabs ("Sailor Mouth", "Mid-Life Crustacean")
Thomas F. Wilson: miscellaneous characters
Carlos Alazraqui: miscellaneous characters
Clea Lewis: miscellaneous characters

Guest Voices/Bodies
Tiny Tim: (Musical Performer) ("Help Wanted")
Ernest Borgnine: Mermaid Man
Tim Conway: Barnacle Boy
Charles Nelson Reilly: Dirty Bubble ("Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II")
John Rhys-Davies: Man Ray
Jim Jarmusch: self ("Hooky")
John Lurie: self ("Hooky")
John O'Hurley: King Neptune ("Neptune's Spatula")
Sergio Ristie: King Neptune ("Party Pooper Pants (SpongeBob's House Party)")
Kevin Michael Richardson: King Neptune (voice in "Party Pooper Pants (SpongeBob's House Party)")
Thomas F. Wilson: The Tattle-Tale Strangler, Reg, Marty
Amy Poehler: Grandma
Pat Morita: Master Udon ("Karate Island")
Junior Brown: Sandy Cheeks ("Texas"; sung the last line: "I want to go home.")
David Glen Eisley: SpongeBob SquarePants ("Band Geeks")
Patrick Pinney: Painty the Pirate (Theme Song)
Pantera: "Pre-Hibernation" plays in "Pre-Hibernation Week"
Ween: "Loop de Loop" is on a record Gary the Snail plays for SpongeBob to teach him how to tie his shoes in "Your Shoe's Untied".


'Teletubbies' was an internationally popular children's TV programme, produced by the BBC.

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-La, and Po were the four Teletubbies, and they spoke in a Flowerpot Men-type language of simple emotive sounds. There were, in all, 365 episodes produced between 1997 and 2001, and in 1998 'Teletubbies' won a BAFTA.

Teletubbies DVD from

Teletubbies - Teletubbies And The Snow [1997] DVD
Teletubbies - Teletubbies And The Snow [1997] 

Teletubbies DVD from

Go! Exercise With the Teletubbies DVD
Go! Exercise With the Teletubbies

Thomas The Tank Engine DVDs from

Thomas And The Magic Railroad [2000] DVD
Thomas And The Magic Railroad [2000]

Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends - Classic Collection DVD
Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends - Classic Collection

Product image for ASIN: B000EWOO7Y
Thomas And Friends - Little Engines, Big Day Out

Thomas The Tank Engine TV Series Factoids

Ringo Starr (1984–86)
Michael Angelis (1991– UK series)
George Carlin (1991–98 U.S. series)
Alec Baldwin (1998–2003 U.S. series)
Michael Brandon (2004– U.S. series)

No. Of Episodes/Transmission Details
275/April 9th, 1984 - (first broadcast in the UK, on ITV)

Running Time
Five Minutes, Season 1-7; Seven Minutes, Season 8

Wilbert Vere Awdry
Britt Allcroft

Tom And Jerry DVD from

Tom And Jerry - Classic Collection - Vol. 1 DVD
Tom And Jerry - Classic Collection - Vol. 1 

Tom And Jerry DVD from

Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases DVD
Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases

Tweenies - Colours Are Magic [2001] DVD
Tweenies - Colours Are Magic [2001]

'Tweenies' became one of the BBC's most popular children's programmes, starring two boys, Milo and Jake, two girls, Bella and Fizz, two adults, Max and Judy, and two dogs, Doodles and Izzles.

Wallace And Gromit DVDs from

Wallace And Gromit - 3 Cracking Adventures DVD
Wallace And Gromit - 3 Cracking Adventures

Wallace And Gromit - Special Edition Tin Box DVD
Wallace And Gromit - Special Edition Tin Box

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Wallace And Gromit DVD from 

Product image for ASIN: B000CZ0PW6
Wallace & Gromit 2 DVD Cracking Collector's Set

A.A. Milne's timeless classic book in animated form. The adventures of Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Roo, and Owl continue to enchant.

Winnie The Pooh DVDs from

Winnie The Pooh - ABC's and 123's DVD
Winnie The Pooh - ABC's and 123's  

Winnie The Pooh - The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh DVD
Winnie The Pooh - The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh - Pooh's Heffalump Movie [2005] DVD
Winnie The Pooh - Pooh's Heffalump Movie [2005]

Product image for ASIN: B00011FYB8
Magical World Of Winnie The Pooh - Love And Friendship...

Winnie The Pooh - The Book Of Pooh DVD
Winnie The Pooh - The Book Of Pooh

Winnie The Pooh DVDs from 

Product image for ASIN: B000FKP4JC
Pooh's Anniversary Collection

Product image for ASIN: B0000C52I4
Winnie the Pooh - Seasons of Giving

Miffy & Friends - Volume 2
The cute white rabbit is a modern TV icon for all bunny lovers.

Monsters, Inc. -- Fullscreen (4:3) Single-Disc Edition [2001]

Product image for ASIN: B0002XOYXE
Charlie Brown - I Want A Dog For Christmas / A Charlie...

Clangers - The Complete Clangers
They may look like socks with eyes, but one of the all-time children's greats. Sweet talkers.

Product image for ASIN: B000B8TJB2
Peppa Pig - New Shoes And Other Stories

Bob The Builder DVDs
Mister Men And Little Miss DVDs

Pingu - Pingu Forever DVD
Pingu - Pingu Forever

Postman Pat - In A Muddle DVD
Postman Pat - In A Muddle

Toy Story & Toy Story 2 - Three Disc Collector's Set DVD
Toy Story & Toy Story 2 - Three Disc Collector's Set

A Review of Children's Toys of 2014

Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters

With an emphasis on cute, the Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters are kids toys that are designed to allay the fears of small children in an amusing way. Instead of children bottling up their fears, they can write them down on a piece of paper and then feed them to the Worry Eaters, who will happily gobble them up. One of the coolest toys around,, and an expected hit come Christmas time.

Thumbsup Roller Wheel

The Thumbsup Roller Wheel offers children the opportunity to have a great time either inside or out. The wheel can be used to roll around in, or to climb through, and the nature of this colourful toy's design means that children can learn a variety of different skills while they're inside the wheel.

The Convertible Pirate Ship Book

The best toys for children are often those that have more than one function, and the Convertible Pirate Ship Book can certainly be placed in that category. Children can enjoy the story in the book, and then they can live out the story by converting the book into a pirate ship!

Romo The Robot

Designed for use with an iPhone, Romo is a robot that helps children learn about computer programming basics. Romo is a robot that wants to compete in the Robot Space Race, but he becomes sidetracked after he crash-lands on Earth. Consequently, he needs to complete a variety of missions so that he can realise his goal. By helping him complete the missions, via basic computer programming, children will be learning and playing with a cute robot at the same time.

Yetitoy Prince Lionheart

Yetitoy Prince Lionheart is an impressive tricycle for small children. With its appealing animal head it's also designed with safety and comfort in mind, while the big wheels are made of rubber, and the handlebar makes steering easy. Yetitoy Prince Lionheart is appropriate for children aged two and over.

Floral Wigwam

The Floral Wigwam is the perfect place for children to retreat to, whether it's inside when it's raining, or outside on a perfect summer's day. It can be used for a picnic, or as a quiet place to read, or as something that will fuel a child's imagination.

Smartplane Smartphone Controlled Airplane

Cool gadgets are appreciated by children as well as adults, and the Smartplane Smartphone Controlled Airplane is something that children will find easy to operate. The plane is simply controlled by hand movements, through the hand-held smartphone. The Smartplane Smartphone Controlled Airplane can also be operated either indoors or outside.

Rubik's Cube Light And Puzzle

In terms of cool toys, the Rubik's Cube has been hard to beat over the past few decades. This very simple idea has seen people of all ages hooked, but this variation is a light that is also a fully functioning Rubik's Cube Puzzle, too!

DJI Phantom Vision 2

The DJI Phantom Vision 2 will appeal to children that love cool gadgets. This is a Quadcopter that comes complete with its own camera, a flight control system, and the choice of two flight modes to select from. The DJI Phantom Vision 2 will also give the user greater intuition as to how to control flight.

Disney Frozen Castle And Ice Palace Playset

Inspired by the Disney movie, Frozen, the Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Playset will be loved by girls. Suitable for children aged three and over, the Disney Frozen Castle And Ice Palace Playset is, pardon the pun, one of the coolest toys and there's also the odd surprise, too. Through this toy children will be able to re-create the movie adventures of Anna and Elsa in the beautiful setting of the Frozen Castle and Ice Palace.

Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler

Kids toys for the summer don't come much better than the Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler. The sprinkler shoots water in all directions, while the ball itself can be utilised for play, too, and is hard-wearing enough to be able to cope with what energetic children may throw at it!

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