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From Los Angeles, and formed in 1965, Canned Heat became one of the most popular blues/rock groups of the late 1960s.

Keeping the blues tradition going has always been important to Canned Heat. Their name came from Tommy Johnson's 'Canned Heat Blues' of 1928, and the names of the original Canned Heat band members were worthy of old bluesmen: Alan 'Blind Owl' Wilson (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Bob 'The Bear' Hite (vocals, harmonica), Henry 'Sunflower' Vestine (guitar), Larry 'The Mole' Taylor (bass). Drummer Frank Cook was just plain Frank Cook, but was replaced after Canned Heat's first album, 'Canned Heat', by Adolfo 'Fito' De La Parra. Guitarist Harvey Mandel replaced Vestine for some of 1969/70.

Canned Heat really made their name playing at the two legendary music festivals of the flower power generation - Monterey International Pop Festival in 1967, and Woodstock in 1969. Canned Heat's two most famous songs were from around this period, 'On The Road Again', and 'Goin' Up The Country'. Both songs having a strange, mystical charm about them, with Wilson's high-pitched voice somehow beguiling. Another famous song from around this time, was their out and out rocker, 'Let's Work Together'.

Tragedy struck the group when Wilson took his own life in September, 1970, just when one of their worthy ambitions, including and promoting blues legend John Lee Hooker's talents on their 'Hooker 'n' Heat', was about to give Hooker his first hit album (Canned Heat had also given a big leg-up to guitarist Albert Collins).

Hite died in April, 1981, and Vestine died in October, 1987, but Canned Heat are still going, and, at the time of writing (December, 2005), consist of old member De La Parra (drums, vocals), Stan Behrens (flute, saxophone, harmonica, vocals), Dallas Hodge (vocals, guitar), Barry Levenson (guitar), and Greg Kage (bass, vocals). Their 2003 album, 'Friends In The Can', featured John Lee Hooker, Taj Mahal, and Walter Trout.

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Product photo Living the Blues [UK]
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Canned Heat - 'Hooker 'n' Heat' Hooker 'n Heat
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CANNED HEAT CDs available from - in association with
'The Very Best Of Canned Heat' The Very Best of Canned Heat
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Canned Heat Albums

Canned Heat, 1967
Boogie With Canned Heat, 1968
Livin' The Blues [Akarma], 1969
Hooker 'n' Heat, 1970
The Best Of Canned Heat, 1972
Uncanned: Best Of Canned Heat, 1994
Best Of Hooker 'n' Heat, 1996
Boogie 2000, 1999
Blues Band, 1999
The Boogie House Tapes, 2000
Friends In The Can, 2003
The Boogie House Tapes, Volume 2, 2004

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