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Euston Road, London
Until 28 December 2008

Reviewed by Cardinal Cox


Write Dope on Pnuk part 58

In a corner of the entrance lobby of the British Library a small room was given over to mark 40 years since the dynamic era. The decorations included covers from 'Oz', 'IT (International Times)', 'Nova', and 'Radio Times' - featuring Cliff Richard and Eurovision. The music was Rolling Stones. Photographs were projected of various civil disturbances; Rev. Ian Paisley; a cover of 'IT' celebrating Castro; the Moon as seen from the Apollo craft; as well as fashion shots.

The walls were also adorned with slogans of the era. "Politics is in the street" balanced with "Poetry is in the street". "Boredom is counter-revolutionary" balanced with "You will end up dying of comfort". Plus "Revolutionary women are more beautiful", which was alongside a photograph of pro-Nixon ladies, that included one holding a placard proclaiming "I Like Dick".

On computers you could access the archive recordings held by the Library. These were divided into such categories as Politics (I picked the Black Panther speeches); Society; Culture (I picked Edwin Morgan reading one of his poems); Innovations; Music (I dipped into Jimi Hendrix); and Sport ('68 was the year of Black Power salutes at the Mexico Olympics).

Good small exhibition and I look forward to the larger 'Taking Liberties'.


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