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Peterborough Poet Cardinal Cox Reviews by Paul Rance

CARDINAL COX is from Peterborough, Cambs, and has been having his writings published in the small press for over twenty years. Cardinal was Poet Laureate of Peterborough in 2003, and he has been Poet-in-Residence for the Friends of Broadway Cemetery in Peterborough. He was also a member of the Warriors Gate team which won the BBC quiz programme Telly Addicts in 1994, and was a member of Peterborough band Sonic Energy Authority. Cardinal's one-man show High Stakes has been seen in Finland and Ireland.

Cardinal Cox is "Britain's premier cemetery bard"! - Handshake #74

Cardinal Cox - A Sack of Midnight (Leaves from the Mabinogion)
ISBN 978-0-905262-44-4

Beautifully illustrated by Ian Brown, this is Cardinal Cox's first collection to be published by Hilltop Press. Revolving around Celtic mythology, including Arthur, CC takes us on a poetical trip through this fantastical past of ancient British folklore - a world of magic, war, love, and revenge. - Paul Rance.


Cardinal Cox. Photo Credit: Sally Cave
Cardinal Cox, photographed by Sally Cave

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