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Here Lies The Ruined
(Rowdy Farrago Records, 2006)
Reviewed by Cardinal Cox


Write Dope on Pnuk part 21 

The Ruined are a local punk semi-supergroup, having its members drawn from bands Up, No Alibi, Hands Down and State Of Freedom. They have been playing their raucous (with the emphasis on both Raw and Rock) Horror-Punk for nearly two years. In that time they've gigged around the country, and released a couple of singles (the last split with elder local punk semi-supergroup Destructors666). In Spring 2007 they are due to be supporting The Shocker on a national tour. In advance of that they released this 8 track mini-album.

Two of the tracks ('City Of The Dead' and 'She Must Die') were previously released on the afore-mentioned split-single, though the new versions are more polished. The new tracks continue the themes of zombie youth in a braindead world. The planet is in the grip of a horror film, after all, and no-one can find an ending that won't lead to eternal sequals.

The music from the frenetic five piece is toe-tapping, bonce-nodding, bouncy, arm waving stuff. Join the Skeleton Crew on their lurching towards domination. 


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