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Fleetwood Mac Brief Biography


Fleetwood Mac began life as a British blues band in 1967, driven by the impressive guitar work of Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, and Jeremy Spencer, which came to the fore on the immaculate 'Albatross' and raunchier 'Oh Well'. The name Fleetwood Mac came from drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie.

The group began to fragment after Green's departure, and his subsequent ill health, which has been well documented. Peter Green was the leader of Fleetwood Mac, and like Syd Barrett with Pink Floyd, he perhaps found the responsibility and fame too much to bear. It's a tribute to both bands that they in effect reinvented themselves, and became even more successful, when they could both easily have split up.

In the mid-1970s, Fleetwood and McVie invited American singer/songwriters Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, the latter also a gifted guitarist, to join the band, with McVie's wife, and singer/songwriter and keyboardist, Christine already in place. Fleetwood Mac became just about the hottest group in rock music in the late '70s, and their album 'Rumours' sold a massive 18 million copies. It was made at a time all members of the group were having relationship problems, and emphasised the old adage that the more you suffer the better the music. 'Dreams', 'Songbird', 'Don't Stop', 'Go Your Own Way', 'The Chain', and 'You Make Loving Fun' are today all still getting a lot of airplay, and showed 'Rumours' as a wonderful mix of moving melody, and foot-tapping rock. Yes, it was more mainstream than Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, but the band were still making quality music.

Fleetwood Mac have had their critics for being over-indulgent, which they certainly have been guilty of, but they were at the height of their fame at a time when punk and New Wave was surfacing, so every successful rock act was "going to get it"! They, being one of the biggest rock groups, were certainly going to "get it" more than most. Fleetwood Mac, though, have made good music - in both incarnations of the group.

- Paul Rance/

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Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac
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Fleetwood Mac
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Fleetwood Mac Discography

Singles (and complete list of UK and US chart positions)
Black Magic Woman (1968) #37 UK
Need Your Love So Bad (1968) #31 UK
Albatross (1969) #1 UK
Man Of The World (1969) #2 UK
Oh Well (1970) #55 US, #1 UK
The Green Malanishi (1970) #10 UK
Over My Head (1976) #20 US
Rhiannon (1976) #11 US, #46 UK
Say You Love Me (1976) #11 US, #40 UK
Go Your Own Way (1977) #10 US, #38 UK
Dreams (1977) #1 US, #24 UK
Don't Stop (1977) #3 US, #32 UK
You Make Loving Fun (1977) #9 US, #45 UK
Tusk (1979) #8 US, #6 UK
Sara (1980) #7 US, #37 UK
Think About Me (1980) #20 US
Sisters Of The Moon (1980) #86 US
Fireflies (1981) #60 US
Hold Me (1982) #4 US
Gypsy (1982) #12 US, #46 UK
Love In Store (1983) #22 US
Oh Diane (1983) #9 UK
Big Love (1987) #5 US, #9 UK
Seven Wonders (1987) #19 US, #56 UK
Little Lies (1987) #4 US, #5 UK
Everywhere (1988) #14 US, #4 UK
Family Man (1988) #90 US, #54 UK
Isn't It Midnight (1988) #60 UK
As Long As You Follow (1989) #43 US
Save Me (1990) #33 US
Silver Spring (1997) #41 US
Landslide (1998) #51 US
Peacekeeper (2003) #80 US

Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac (1968)
Mr. Wonderful (1968)
English Rose (1969)
Then Play On (1969)
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits (1970)
Kiln House (1970)
Future Games (1971)
Bare Trees (1972)
Mystery To Me (1973)
Penguin (1973)
Heroes Are Hard To Find (1974)
Fleetwood Mac (1975)
Rumours (1977)
Tusk (1979)
Live (1980)
Mirage (1982)
Tango In The Night (1987)
Greatest Hits (1988)
The Blues Collection (1989)
Behind The Mask (1990)
25 Years - The Chain (1992)
Time (1995)
The Dance (1998)
The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac (2002)
Say You Will (2003)
Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, and Tusk were all reissued in 2004, by Warner, enhanced, and with bonus material

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