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The Peace & Freedom Magazine Earth's Epitaph Interview


Earth's Epitaph interviewed by Paul Rance for Peace & Freedom, No. 1, January 1985

What follows is an interview with Chris Jones of this Welsh band.

Who does the band consist of?

The band consists of three people. Jayne - vocals/bass, Ray - keyboards/vocals, Chris - guitar/vocals. We don't have a drummer at the moment, so we use a rhythm machine. Our experience outside of Earth's Epitaph is quite limited.

Who are your influences?

We could quote many groups and issues as being influential musically and lyrically. Our musical "upbringings" are very different, so this contributes in the fact that we seem to find the right sound, which we all like.

How would you categorise yourselves?

We don't really like to, but we can send a couple of tracks to anyone who's interested.

What are your ambitions - apart from being millionaires?

Ambitions! There are too many to list here. Personally, the collapse of the meat trade (right on - ed) would do for now! We've only done three gigs so far. We only formed in July '84, so it's not too bad.

What is the South Wales scene like?

I'm not really sure about the rest of S. Wales, but in our area there are some very good bands. There have also been some very good gigs put on as well. Notably, The 3 Johns in Newport and The End in Cross Keys.

What do you think of The Black Hole?

"The Black Hole" is very good value. It's well presented and excellently laid out. No. 2 was better than No. 1, I felt. I hope Hayley (Tagg) keeps up the good work.



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