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The Peace & Freedom Magazine Raiding Party Interview

Bernd Neumann of German indie band, Raiding Party, interviewed by Gypsy for the Vol. 7, No. 1, Spring 1991 issue of Peace & Freedom magazine.

Bernd, about the name Nacromanic Raiding Party. How did you come to give yourselves that name?

The name Nacromanic Raiding Party? Well, it was just a name we came up with, fantasy, an idea from our first singer. Later, we thought the name was so long so we changed it.

There seems to be a change in style between your 12" and your recent 7" single?

Yes, the main reason is a change in line-up. Maybe the different character of our new singer has influenced us.

When did R.P. form and develop this style of music?

Raiding Party was formed in 1985 and the style is a direct result of the band's musical past.

What bands influenced you the most?

Mostly, the early Cure, a French band, Charles de Goal, and the German Fehlfarben.

Are there any plans for an LP release?

I hope we can release an album in the near future, but that is mainly up to the record company.

What material is available by Raiding Party, and where?

In 1986, we released the 12" Nacromanic Raiding Party (Pastell SS 69) and in the autumn of 1989 the 7" "Disparate" came out (Husky Records LC7427/06 890700 13). Also, our music is available on various indie tape labels. The 1987 tape, "Herbst oder Winter" is available from Weed Music, Jar & Rodent Tapes. We also feature on various compilation tapes.

How has the line-up changed?

There is only one main difference, really. When we first started we used a drum computer on stage, but now we use a real drummer.

How do you see R.P. developing?

Basically, I hope we sell a lot of records, and we can then live from, and for, our music.

If you could change anything about your music, what would it be?

At the moment, I'm nearly satisfied with our music and there is nothing important to change.

What do you like to write songs about?

In our songs, we mostly write about situations and feelings that arise from our everyday life.

How do you go about making up your songs? First the lyric and then the melody, or does the lyric come last?

First the music - the rest is built around that.

How important are the lyrics to you?

For me, the lyrics and music are, likewise, important...

Raiding Party Music Review

Raiding Party Demo

Very pro-sounding band, with a biting P.I.L. guitar sound, and traces of a Joy Division rhythm. Good vox and production. Best track is "Rising Sun", a real melodic orgasm.

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, Vol. 7, No. 1, Spring 1991

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