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Nancy Sinatra


Being daughter of arguably the greatest popular singer of all-time, Frank Sinatra, Nancy could have opted out of the possible burden of carrying the inevitable comparisons with her father.

Nancy Sinatra was a gifted singer in her own right, and no song emphasises that better than her beautiful singing on the Bond theme song, 'You Only Live Twice'. Though, she is principally remembered for specialising in cute, catchy songs as a solo artist, such as 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin'', and for famous duets - 'Somethin' Stupid' with her dad, and 'Did You Ever?' with Lee Hazelwood.

Singers, and fans, such as Morrissey and Jarvis Cocker, have helped bring Nancy back to the fore, and is recognition that she is one of the most iconic of all female singers. In 2009 'The Cherry Smiles' album was released, which is a collection of rare Nancy singles.

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Nancy's very entertaining website: Nancy

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Nancy Sinatra
~Nancy Sinatra
Sanctuary (Audio CD) - October 4, 2004
Nancy Sinatra - 'Greatest Hits' Greatest Hits
~Nancy Sinatra
Paradiso (Audio CD) - July 21, 2003
Boots [IMPORT]
~Nancy Sinatra
Warner (Audio CD) - June 21, 2004
NANCY SINATRA CDs available from - in association with
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