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Neil Young Brief Biography


Neil Young is one of the greatest singer/songwriters of the rock era, and is also one of the most renowned electric guitarists. His versatility is almost as legendary as the man himself, having dabbled in folk, blues, country, rockabilly, hard rock, grunge, industrial, electronic music, jazz, and swing.

But Neil Young is much more than just a musician. He has never been afraid to speak out on issues, and has done much good work regarding the environment and social issues.

A Canadian by birth, Neil Young overcame diabetes and polio as a child to become the most admired North American male songwriter, along with Bob Dylan.

- Paul Rance/

Fork in the Road ~ Neil Young
Fork in the Road
~ Neil Young

Neil Young - 'Decade' Cover


Compiled by Neil Young, Tim Mulligan and David Briggs, this massive collection includes some of Young's finest work from 1966 to 1976 - 2 hours, 24 minutes and 29 seconds worth!

Young's work with Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Crazy Horse, and solo, is chronicled here.

There's a variety of sound: the rich, beautiful psychedelic/orchestral mix of 'Expecting To Fly', the lush orchestra overload of 'A Man Needs A Maid', the sparkling finger-blistering electric guitar solos on 'Like A Hurricane', and on the non-Spanish hit 'Cortez The Killer'. Pure country surfaces on the plodding 'Harvest', but livelier is the splendid 'Heart Of Gold' - a song Neil didn't seem to keen on at the time this collection was compiled, or at least not to keen to be seen as a MOR artist.

Lyrically, there's plenty to enjoy, or be offended by! 'Southern Man' is a withering attack on America's Deep South, and its love of the Bible, but, incongruously, for being the home of the Klu Klux Klan. 'Ohio' attacks the state murder of four students protesting against the Vietnam War, at Kent State University in 1970. Young's best CSNY track he reckoned.

The mysterious, futuristic eco warning of 'After The Gold Rush', and the folkie, live version of 'The Needle And The Damage Done' show Neil in fine, thoughtful mood.

35 Neil Young tracks is a treat for devotees of the great man, and is as diverse a collection of any artist's work you're ever likely to find.

- Paul Rance/

Neil Young, Paul McCartney and Glastonbury

Neil Young wowed British crowds in 2009, and the highlight was probably when he and Paul McCartney performed 'A Day In The Life' in Hyde Park, on June 27th. Imagine turning up looking forward to hearing The Beatles classic, and the shadowy figure waiting in the wings to sing his part of 'A Day In The Life', is the legendary Macca. A suitable way in which to finish Neil's two year world tour.

A day earlier Neil Young had headlined the Glastonbury Festival, also ending his set there with 'A Day In The Life', and another highlight included 'Rockin' In The Free World', which he used to play with the audience with several false endings.

- Paul Rance/

Neil Young Glastonbury Festival Set List

Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
Mansion On The Hill
Are You Ready For The Country?
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere+
Spirit Road
Cinnamon Girl
Mother Earth
The Needle And The Damage Done
Comes A Time
Unknown Legend
Heart Of Gold
Down By The River
Get Behind The Wheel
Rockin' In The Free World
A Day In The Life

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