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Ingrid Riley - Window on the World (Paperback) £6.99

Window on the World is a 2011 poetry collection from Canterbury based poet Ingrid Riley.

The book is is laced with compassion for humanity and the natural world and is divided into three sections: Spying Eyes, Contrasting Images, and Untamed Forces.

Forging New Visions ponders on man's future among the stars, and is infused with beautiful imagery. Examples of Ingrid's skilful use of imagery can be seen in Threads of Fear with "a battered tree pleading with its past, / sprayed with leaves of memories". A Feeble Wave reflects on loneliness. Street Wise, written before Britain's summer riots of 2011, is strangely prophetic. Politicians strikes a chord with the Occupy Movement, as corrupt and powerful men try to "control every aspect of our life".

In Part II, My Soul Stretches Its Wings includes this description of birds singing to each other, and how "they respond to each other like bells". No Solace is a searing poem about the grief war causes, and The Torment of Survivors is poetry that vividly captures the pain of grief.

Love in Spring I and II are poignant poems about love, and I has a delightful line for the oncoming spring: "new rhythm of feet". Sunflowers contains more examples of Ingrid's grasp of imagery, as her description extols the beauty of the flower thus: "illusory hardness / caressed by the sun." Worshipping the Sun makes us realise how much we take the Sun for granted. In Untamed Forces, Felling the Oak Trees sees Ingrid say that in ancient times oak trees were venerated, but that now we "have run out of grace". The Pine Forest displays a powerful connection with nature.

Splintered Monuments contains probably the best imagery of any poem in the collection. Earthquake reminds us that man isn't as mighty as he thinks he is against nature at its most powerful: "like the iron fist of God". The book ends with a tribute to the power of one of Europe's great old rivers, the river Rhine.

- Paul Rance.

For news of Ingrid's other booklets, please send an SAE to: INGRID RILEY, 18 Uplands, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7BL.

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