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Mary Buckley-Clarke
Barbara Carpenter
Francesca Heaney
Phil Knight
Dorothy Koenigsberger
Joanna Lilley
Sylvia Maclagan
Daf Richards
Ingrid Riley
Charley Shaw
Judy Stubley
Gwynn Watt
Carol Wolrich Writers
Cardinal Cox
Anthony James
John Hegley - Glad To Wear Glasses
Wilfred Owen - Collected Poems

Cardinal Cox Poetry Collections Online
Euro P.N.

An Introduction To Patrick Kavanagh By Mary Buckley-Clarke

Poetry Reviews from the Peace & Freedom Press Archives

Booklets & Books
Shaheen Darr - Soul Searching (Poems on life)
Labi Siffre - Monument
Dave Calder - Spaceman
Earthly And Divine Love
Jay Lee Findlay - Stranger Than Madness In The Soup

Peter Mackie - Epicycles Of Sinking Time
Daf Richards - Green Rainbows

Ingrid Riley - Shadows Run Free
Gwynn Watt - Coldshore At Night And Other Poems

Global Tapestry
Melodic Scribble
New Hope International
Quantum Leap

Tears In The Fence
Truly Fine

Under Surveillance
The White Rose

Jimmie Dickie - Life in the Freezer Review

Steve Sneyd & David Jaggar - Icarus Rising CD Review Poetry Index - links to poetry books for sale, poetry news, poetry reviews, classic poems, emerging poets, etc.

Over 150,000 poetry books to choose from here!

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101 Poetry Tips (
101 Poetry Tips (

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Poetry Street
Poetry Street engourages poetry lovers to submit their poems, verse for free publishing on-line. Easy website to use. Profile pages. Personal pages. Categories of poetry. News to be added on poetry competitions, poetry societies/clubs etc. Info page gives help on submitting your work. Everyone welcome to submit poetry.

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