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Steve Sneyd & David Jaggar - Icarus Rising (CVD-001/CD) (2008)

Impressive restoration work by Crested Vulture Disks of a flood damaged ancient tape of Steve Sneyd's poetry readings and David Jaggar's intuitive guitar accompaniment. Recorded at a number of venues in the North of England in the early 1970s, on the 'Icarus Landing' 'tour', Steve Sneyd is shown to be a perceptive and sharp young man. Understated, dry delivery, and it's Steve's lack of pretentiousness which endears him to so many. Comes complete with poetry booklet (cover illustrated by Michael James Sneyd).

- Paul Rance/

The CD is available for £6.50 (incl. p&p) from: HILLTOP PRESS, 4 Nowell Place, Almondbury, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD5 8PB, England. Make cheques/POs payable to S. Sneyd.

Hilltop Press Catalogue 2011 and Science Fiction Poetry - Introductory Factsheet by Steve Sneyd




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