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The Pretty Things


Formed in 1963, by original Rolling Stones bassist Dick Taylor and Phil May, The Pretty Things have had a few people, but not too few to mention...

The Pretty Things remain most famous for their wonderful 1968 concept album, 'SF Sorrow'. A gifted rock/blues group, The Pretty Things were loved by the critics, but failed to have the massive commercial success of contemporaries like The Rolling Stones.

Phil May - Vocals
Dick Taylor - Guitars, Vocals
Brian Pendleton - Guitars
John Stax - Bass
Viv Prince - Drums

Skip Alan - Drums, 1965
Alan Waller - Bass, Vocals, 1967
John Povey - Keyboards, Vocals, 1967
John Adler - Drums, 1968
Victor Unitt - Guitars, 1970
Peter Tolson - Guitars, Vocals, 1970
Stuart Brooks - Bass, 1971
Gordon Edwards - Keyboards, Guitars, 1971
Jack Green - Bass, Vocals, 1974
Simon Fox - Drums, 1980
Joe Shaw - Guitars, 1984
Dave Wintour - Bass, 1984
John Clarke - Drums, 1984
David Wilki - Keyboards, 1984
Roelf Ter Veld - Keyboards, 1987
Bertram Engel - Drums, 1987
Steffi Stephen - Bass, 1987
Frank Holland - Guitars, 1988


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