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Alien [1979]

Alien (1979) DVD Comments on Alien
One of those movies which drifts along, and then, before you know it, an alien comes out of John Hurt's stomach! One of the most frightening of any alien creations in the history of cinema. - Paul Rance.

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Alien Cast List

Sigourney Weaver as Warrant Officer Ripley
Tom Skerritt as Captain Dallas
John Hurt as Executive Officer Kane
Veronica Cartwright as Navigator Lambert
Harry Dean Stanton as Engineering Technician Brett
Ian Holm as Science Officer Ash
Yaphet Kotto as Chief Engineer Parker
Bolaji Badejo as The Alien

Back to the Future - The Complete Trilogy (Full Screen Edition)

Back to the Future - The Complete Trilogy (Full Screen Edition) DVD

Back to the Future - The Complete Trilogy (Widescreen Edition) Comments on Back To The Future
Michael J. Fox puts in a great performance as Marty McFly, as does Christopher Lloyd as a nutty, but lovable, eccentric professor. Written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, 'Back To The Future' was one of the best and most inventive sci-fi/fantasy movies of the '80s, as we see Marty transported back to the '50s, where he sees his Mom and Dad - before he was born... - Paul Rance.
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Back To The Future Cast List

Michael J. Fox - Marty McFly
Christopher Lloyd - Dr. Emmett L. Brown
Lea Thompson - Lorraine Baines McFly
Crispin Glover - George McFly
Thomas F. Wilson - Biff Tannen
James Tolkan - Mr. Strickland
Claudia Wells - Jennifer Parker
Marc McClure - Dave McFly
Wendie Jo Sperber - Linda McFly
Billy Zane - Match
J.J. Cohen - Skinhead
Casey Siemaszko - 3-D

Close Encounters of the Third Kind--Collector's Edition (two discs) [1977] Comments on Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind' had the largest set in film history at the time it was made, and the film itself cost $20 million. Written and directed by Steven Spielberg, it was one of the deeper science fiction films. With that famous alien five note communication signature, 'Close Encounters' gives the viewer plenty to ponder about man's existence, and where he stands in the overall scheme of things. - Paul Rance.
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Contact [1997]

Contact [1997] DVD Comments on Contact
Adapted from Carl Sagan's fine novel of the same name, 'Contact' is pretty true to the book - a fairly rare thing in movies. It's a beautiful film, which is as thoughtful and moving as the book was. Jodie Foster puts in a nice, sensitive performance as Dr. Ellie Arroway. - Paul Rance.
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E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Full Screen)

E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Full Screen) DVD

E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial Ultimate Gift Boxed Set

E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial Ultimate Gift Boxed Set

E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Widescreen Collector's Edition) Comments on E.T.
A lovely, uplifting film with enchanting performances by Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore, and E.T., of course. Steven Spielberg's genius at bringing out an emotional response from his audience is shown here, in the unlikely guise of a boy's relationship with his cute alien friend. - Paul Rance.
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E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial Cast List

Henry Thomas as Elliott
Dee Wallace as Mary
Peter Coyote as Keys
Robert MacNaughton as Michael
Drew Barrymore as Gertie
K.C. Martel as Greg
Sean Frye as Steve
Tom Howell as Tyler
Erika Eleniak as Pretty Girl
David O'Dell as Schoolboy
Richard Swingler as Science Teacher
Frank Toth as Policeman
Robert Barton as Ultra Sound Man
Michael Durrell as Van Man
Debra Winger as E.T.

Godzilla [1954] Comments on Godzilla (1954)
The first 'Godzilla' movie has a strong anti-nuke message, as man's destructive tendancies rouses the great 150 foot Godzilla from his slumber in the ocean, and he's as mad as hell as a result, destroying all things human and anything created by humans. He nearly wipes out Tokyo single handed, which then gives scientist Serizawa (Akihiko Hirata) a dilemma. He has created something he wishes he hadn't - the oxygen destroyer. If he uses it, he can stop Godzilla, but will mankind get their hands on it, and use it in a nefarious way? The moving, haunting music adds to the unexpected poignancy of this rather, unexpectedly philosophical tale. We need a Godzilla in every city! That'd put mankind in his place. - Paul Rance/
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Godzilla (1954) Cast List

Akira Takarada as Hideto Ogata
Momoko Kôchi as Emiko Yamane
Akihiko Hirata as Daisuke Serizawa-hakase
Takashi Shimura as Kyohei Yamane-hakase
Fuyuki Murakami as Professor Tanabe
Sachio Sakai as Newspaper Reporter Hagiwara
Toranosuke Ogawa as Nankai Shipping Company Manager
Ren Yamamoto as Masaji the Fisherman
Miki Hayashi as Chairman of Diet Committee
Takeo Oikawa as Chief of Emergency Headquarters
Seijiro Onda as Parliamentarian Oyama
Tsuruko Mano as Shinkichi's Mother
Toyoaki Suzuki as Shinkichi (Masaji's Younger Brother)
Kokuten Kodo as The Old Fisherman
Kin Sugai as Ozawa-san
Tadashi Okabe as Reporter Killed on Tower
Ren Imaizumi as Radio Operator
Junpei Natsuki as Power Substation Engineer
Katsumi Tezuka as Gojira / Hagiwara's Editor
Haruo Nakajima as Gojira / Power Station Worker
Yasuhisa Tsutsumi
Jiro Suzuki
Saburo Iketani as News Reporter

Godzilla [1998]

Godzilla [1998] DVD Comments on Godzilla (1998)
Good enough take on Japan's most famous monster, though he's not as lovable as the all-action hero who's basically a good guy. This Godzilla is very naughty and loves to destroy. - Paul Rance.

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Godzilla (1998) Cast List

Matthew Broderick as Dr. Niko Tatopoulos
Jean Reno as Philippe Roaché
Maria Pitillo as Audrey Timmonds
Hank Azaria as Victor 'Animal' Palotti
Kevin Dunn as Colonel Hicks
Michael Lerner as Mayor Ebert
Harry Shearer as Charles Caiman, WIDF Anchor
Arabella Field as Lucy Palotti
Vicki Lewis as Dr. Elsie Chapman
Doug Savant as Sergeant O'Neal
Malcolm Danare as Dr. Mendel Craven
Lorry Goldman as Gene, Mayor's Aide
Christian Aubert as Jean-Luc
Philippe Bergeron as Jean-Claude
Frank Bruynbroek as Jean-Pierre
François Giroday as Jean-Philippe
Nicholas J. Giangiulio as Ed, WIDF Engineer
Robert Lesser as Murray
Ralph Manza as Joe, Old Fisherman
Greg Callahan as Governor
Chris Ellis as General Anderson
Nancy Cartwright as Caiman's Secretary
Richard Gant as Admiral Phelps (as Richard E. Gant)
Jack Moore as Leonard
Steve Giannelli as Jules
Brian Farabaugh as Arthur
Stephen Xavier Lee as Lieutenant Anderson
Bodhi Elfman as Freddie
Rich Battista as Jimmy
Lloyd Kino as Tanker Cook
Toshi Toda as Tanker Captain
Clyde Kusatsu as Tanker Skipper
Masaya Kato as Japanese Tanker Crewman
Glenn Morshower as Kyle Terrington

The Man Who Fell To Earth [1976]

The Man Who Fell To Earth [1976] DVD Comments on The Man Who Fell To Earth
David Bowie is impressive as a disorientated alien in his first major film lead. His character, Thomas Newton, has a disarming, other worldly air about him, and it's a film that is pretty disturbing, but it has its endearing moments, too. - Paul Rance.

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The Man Who Fell To Earth Cast List

David Bowie - Thomas Jerome Newton
Buck Henry - Oliver Farnsworth
Rip Torn - Nathan Bryce
Candy Clark - Mary-Lou

Scanners [1981]

Scanners [1981] DVD Comments on Scanners
Forever known as the movie with the exploding head scene, 'Scanners' has a lot more about it than just that. It's more of a psychological film, than a gore-filled flick. - Paul Rance.

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She [1964]

She [1964] DVD Comments on She
Ursula Andress stars, as an eternal queen in for a rude awakening, in this excellent adaptation of the Rider Haggard classic. A strong cast helps to make this a fine boy's own meets horror adventure. The reviewer (below) has an interesting view on things... - Paul Rance.

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Star Wars Trilogy on DVD (Widescreen Edition -

Star Wars Trilogy on DVD (Widescreen Edition -

Harrison Ford DVDs


Actors Listed First
Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker
Harrison Ford Han Solo
Carrie Fisher Princess Leia Organa
Peter Cushing Grand Moff Tarkin
Alec Guinness Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi
Anthony Daniels C-3PO
Kenny Baker R2-D2
Peter Mayhew Chewbacca
David Prowse Darth Vader
James Earl Jones Darth Vader (voice)
Phil Brown Uncle Owen
Shelagh Fraser Aunt Beru
Jack Purvis Chief Jawa
Alex McCrindle General Dodonna
Eddie Byrne General Willard
Drewe Henley Red Leader
Denis/Dennis Lawson Red Two (Wedge)
Garrick Hagon Red Three (Biggs)
Jack Klaff Red Four (John D.)
William Hootkins Red Six (Porkins)
Angus MacInnes Gold Leader (as Angus Mcinnis)
Jeremy Sinden Gold Two
Graham Ashley Gold Five
Don Henderson General Taggi
Richard LeParmentier General Motti
Leslie Schofield Commander #1

Directed and Written by
George Lucas Comments on Star Wars
'Star Wars', as well as becoming the most successful science fiction film in cinema history, has also helped to shut up cinema snobs who've derided the science fiction genre over the years. 'Star Wars' is consistently in the top 10 in all-time film polls, and is the biggest reason science fiction films are now more popular than they've ever been. It's questionable whether 'Star Wars' the best sci-fi movie ever made, but it combines all the elements that makes a popular movie - memorable characters, a good story, especially amazing special effects - and is a classic cinematic fairy story of our age. - Paul Rance.

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"Acting in this movie I felt like a raisin in a giant fruit salad." - MARK HAMIL.

Superman/Superman 2 [1978]

Superman/Superman 2 [1978] DVD Comments on Superman
Christopher Reeve is eminently likeable as the affable Superman in two stirring movie versions of the legendary comic strip. Margot Kidder is a very feisty Lois Lane, so much so, you wonder who should be protecting who. Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor and Terrence Stamp as the glowering General Zod are superb baddies. Stamp's Zod being particularly evil. Marlon Brando plays Sooper's Dad for a small fee! - Paul Rance.

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Superman Cast List
Actor Role
Marlon Brando Jor-El
Gene Hackman Lex Luthor
Christopher Reeve Clark Kent / Superman
Margot Kidder Lois Lane
Ned Beatty Otis
Jackie Cooper Perry White
Marc McClure Jimmy Olsen
Glenn Ford Jonathan Kent
Phyllis Thaxter Martha Kent
Valerie Perrine Eve Teschmacher
Susannah York Lara
Terence Stamp General Zod
Sarah Douglas Ursa
Jack O'Halloran Non
Jeff East Young Clark Kent
Diane Sherry Lana Lang

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