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Short Circuit [1986] DVD

The cutest robot in sci-fi history!


Terrahawks was the first Gerry Anderson animated 'puppet' TV series since the late 1960s, and consisted of 39 episodes of 25 minutes, over two series in 1983 and 1984.

Created by Anderson and Christopher Burr, Terrahawks was set in 2020, when aliens have destroyed NASA's base on Mars, and are threatening Earth. The organisation Terrahawks is given the task of defending the planet.
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Lt. Patrick Brogan - Ted Shackelford
Officer Jack Haldane - Rob Youngblood
Officer Jane Castle - Simone Bendix
Sally Brogan - Nancy Paul
Officer Orrin - Richard James
Sgt. Fredo - David Quilter
Cpt Podley - Jerome Willis
Officer Took - Mary Woodvine
Officer Romek - Lou Hirsch
Voice of Slomo - Gary Martin
Matt Brogan - Nic Klein
Liz Brogan - Megan Olive

Series Creator and Producer: Gerry Anderson

Available from Space Precinct - Vol. 6 [2000] 


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2001 : A Space Odyssey - Special Edition [1968] Comments on 2001 : A Space Odyssey
This film is proof enough that computers can often be useless, and HAL turns out to be a pain in the butt, though it's the star of the movie. Kaleidoscopic scenes of hurtling through space are breathtakingly beautiful and make up for a few dull periods in the film. David Bowie was so influenced by this movie he came up with the sublime 'Space Oddity'. Like most science fiction movies, this film overstated man's capacity, or inclination, to move beyond the moon by the beginning of the 21st Century. - Paul Rance.

Dune [1984] Comments on Dune
Very impressive film visually, with striking landscapes, particularly. A sort of flawed masterpiece, as it threatens to be a great film, but just falls short. - Paul Rance.

Lifeforce [1985] Comments on Lifeforce
Erotic sci-fi chiller, with a naked, and so, so sexy Mathilda May making being bitten by a vampire seem very inviting indeed. - Paul Rance.

Men In Black Collector's Edition (1997) Comments on Men In Black
Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in wacky, imaginative, sci-fi comedy, with lots of magical special effects. Some seriously scary stuff, but the calmness under pressure of Smith and Jones puts the audience at its ease. - Paul Rance.

Willow [1988] Comments on Willow
The '80s saw a number of attractive fantasy movies for a family audience, and this was one of the best. Some amazing special effects. - Paul Rance.

Willow Cast List
Actor/Actress Role
Val Kilmer Madmartigan
Joanne Whalley Sorsha
Warwick Davis Willow Ufgood
Jean Marsh Queen Bavmorda
Patricia Hayes Fin Raziel
Billy Barty High Aldwin
Pat Roach General Kael
Gavan O'Herlihy Airk Thaughbaer
David Steinberg Meegosh
Phil Fondacaro Vohnkar
Tony Cox Vohnkar warrior
Robert Gillibrand Vohnkar warrior
Mark Northover Burglekutt
Kevin Pollak Rool
Rick Overton Franjean

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