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The Time Tunnel Episode Guide by Paul Rance

1. Rendezvous with Yesterday (set on April 13th, 1912)
Susan Hampshire and Michael Rennie star in this first episode, set on the Titanic. Dr Tony Newman (James Darren) and Dr Doug Phillips (Robert Colbert) have been experimenting with trying to time travel for several years, when Tony decides to take the plunge...

2. One Way to the Moon (set in 1978)
The evil Beard (James T. Callahan) attempts to sabotage a mission to Mars, as Tony and Doug finds themselves regarded as extra baggage!

3. End of the World (set on May 21st, 1910)
Halley's Comet, mineshaft collapse, charismatic professor (Gregory Morton), Lee Meriwether (Ann) looking lovely windswept. It's all happening!

4. The Day the Sky Fell In (set on December 6th, 1941)
The attack on Pearl Harbor is imminent in an episode which goes back to Tony Newman's childhood. Watch out for a very emotional ending.

5. The Last Patrol (set on January 6th, 1815)
An ailing British colonel is transported back to meet his ancestor in the US (both roles played by Carroll O'Connor), and try and save Tony and Doug from being executed by the British as spies.

6. Crack of Doom (set on August 27th, 1883)
Krakatoa. Tony and Doug try and convince a stubborn scientist (Torin Thatcher) and daughter (Ellen Burstyn) to leave the island before it is no more.

7. Revenge of the Gods (set in 1000BC)
Doug and Tony are mistaken for gods in, as Greece attempts to take Troy, and free Helen (Dee Hartford).

8. Massacre (set on June 23rd, 1876)
Battle of the Little Bighorn.
Tony is captured then released by the Indians, as both he and Doug try and persuade Custer (Joe Maross) to look for peace.

9. Devil's Island (set on March 14th, 1895)
The notorious French penal colony of Devil's Island is uninviting even by Doug and Tony's standards, and things get interesting when Captain Alfred Dreyfus (Peter Balakoff) arrives.

10. Reign of Terror (set on October 8th, 1793)
Paris, France during the French Revolution. Our busy duo come across a young Napoleon Bonaparte (Joey Tata), as they seek to save Marie Antoinette (Monique LeMaire) and help the Dauphin, Louis XVII (Pat Michenaud) escape. Look out for Kirk's ancestor.

11. Secret Weapon (set on June 16th, 1956)
Cold War shenanigans with an interesting twist.

12. The Death Trap (set on February 2nd, 1861)
Abraham Lincoln (Ford Rainey) is in mortal peril as John Brown's supporters look to make the South look bad and speed up the end of slavery!

13. The Alamo (set on March 6th, 1836)
Look out for Jim Davis (playing Jim Bowie), JR's Dad
, as Doug and Tony try and stop the carnage that's about to unfold.

14. Night of the Long Knives (set in mid-May, 1886)
Doug is captured and Tony wounded, but a heroic writer - Rudyard Kipling (David Watson) - helps out, as an Indian uprising against the British looms.

15. Invasion (set on June 4th, 1944)
Dodgy accents two days before D-Day! Doug turns Nazi, and Tony helps the French Resistance.

16. The Revenge of Robin Hood (set in June, 1215)
Robin Hood (Donald Harron) tries to convince King John (John Crawford) to do the right thing and sign the Magna Carta. He's hard work, of course, and Robin and Doug get tortured along the way.

17. Kill Two by Two (set on February 17th, 1945)
Set two days before Iwa Jima, Doug and Tony come up against a Japanese WWII survivor, Lt Nakamura, beset by personal demons. A towering performance by Mako as Nakamura in this episode.

18. Visitors from Beyond the Stars (set in 1885)
Silver aliens from the 23rd Century convert Doug into a slave, as they try and steal all the protein from a 19th Century town in Arizona!

19. The Ghost of Nero (set on October 23rd, 1915)
Pure hokum! The ghost of Nero possesses a WWI German soldier, Tony, and another Italian monster!

20. The Walls of Jericho (set in 1550BC)
Beautiful Myrna Fahey plays Rahab, who protects Doug and Tony from Joshua's enemies.

21. Idol of Death (set on October 1st, 1519)
Doug and Tony come across Cortez (Anthony Caruso) on the rampage in Mexico, and looking for a golden mask. He's not pleased to see 'em!

22. Billy the Kid (set in late April, 1881)
Robert Walker, Jr. plays Billy the Kid in 1881 New Mexico, and Doug gets to have a shootout with him! 'Star Trek' fans will remember Walker giving people, literally, the evil eye.

23. Pirates of Deadman's Island (set on April 9th, 1805)
Victor Jory is crazed pirate Captain Beal, who doesn't just take Doug and Tony hostage, and the King of Spain's nephew (Pepito Galindo), but he also leaps out of 1805 and threatens to kill Ann! There's a poignant moment when dying Time Tunnel staff doctor, Dr Berkhart (Regis Toomey), goes back to help the injured, and decides to stay and so pass on his knowledge.

24. Chase Through Time (set in 1547)
Doug and Tony pursue evil would-be nuke bomber Nimon (Robert Duvall) a million years into the future and a million years into the past! Could have done without the cruel reptile fight, though - even if it was old movie footage.

25. The Death Merchant (set on July 1st-3rd, 1863)
Doug and Tony are on opposite sides in the American Civil War, as Gettysburg is about to kick off. Doug is also miraculously brought back from the dead. Machiavelli (Malachi Throne) does his best to stir up trouble!

26. Attack of the Barbarians (set in 1287)
John Saxon is Marco Polo, and Doug and Tony try to help him thwart marauding Mongols. Tony is stretched to the limit, and he also falls for pouting Amy Winehouse lookalike Sarit (Vitina Marcus).

27. Merlin the Magician (set in 544)
Christopher Cary is an impressive and witty Merlin in a unique story (!) about King Arthur (Jim McMullan), Doug and Tony taking on Viking leader Wogan (Vincent Beck - Terry's so versatile!) and his mob. Lisa Jak as Guinevere looks lovely, of course.

28. The Kidnappers (set in 8433)
Silver beings from 8433 kidnap Cicero, Erasmus, Hitler, and Ann!

29. Raiders from Outer Space (set on November 2nd, 1883)
Aliens, based in Sudan, try and destroy Earth in 1883, which leaves Doug and Tony fighting to save Earth, the Time Tunnel, and helping the British fight the Arabs!

30. Town of Terror
(set on September 10th, 1978)
Doug and Tony somersault through time and space one last time, as they find themselves in 1978, as some nasty aliens threaten to literally suck the life out of Earth! Look out, too, for the mysterious ending to the series...

- Paul Rance/

'The Time Tunnel' was a 20th Century Fox U.S. science fiction TV series created and produced by Irwin Allen. Though running for only one series of 30 episodes in 1966 and 1967, it is still one of the most highly regarded of sci-fi shows. - Paul Rance/

Lee Meriwether, who played Ann in 'The Time Tunnel', has her own website at: - Paul Rance.

[opening narration]
''Two American scientists are lost in the swirling maze of past and future ages, during the first experiments on America's greatest and most secret project, the Time Tunnel. Tony Newman and Doug Phillips now tumble helplessly toward a new fantastic adventure, somewhere along the infinite corridors of time.''


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Regular Cast (Character's Name Listed First)

Dr Tony Newman - James Darren
Dr Doug Philips - Robert Colbert

Dr Ann MacGregor - Lee Meriwether
General Heywood Kirk - Whit Bissel
Dr Raymond Swain - John Zaremba
Sergeant Jiggs - Wesley Lau
Jerry - Sam Groom

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