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Babylon 5


Set on a five miles long space station called Babylon 5, it's meant to be man's "last, best hope for peace". But it turns out to be far from that. 'Babylon 5' was one of the best science fiction TV shows to come out of the U.S. It had a wealth of charismatic personalities, such as the square-jawed heroes Commander Jeffrey Sinclair (Michael O'Hare) and his successor Captain/President John J. Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner), and most of the other main characters, Ivanova, Garibaldi, G'Kar, and Londo, had attitude problems.

'Babylon 5' was quite a long-running series, and there were five seasons of 22 episodes each. Still, it probably never really gained the credit it deserved. Very much the baby of J. Michael Straczynski (he also wrote all the episodes for the third and fourth series), 'Babylon 5' was devised as a science fiction show for adults, beginning life as a pilot movie, 'The Gathering', in 1993. In the U.S., the series ran from January 26th, 1994 to November 25th, 1998 on Prime Time Television, then on TNT. In the UK, 'Babylon 5' was shown on Channel 4.

A show ahead of its time, 'Babylon 5' was impressive, technically, with its use of computer technology, and its being shot in 1.78:1 format, when the norm was 1.33:1. It was also designed like a visual novel, with all the necessary elements, and will probably prove to be a science fiction series that grows in stature over time.

- Paul Rance/



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Babylon 5 - The Gathering (Pilot) / In the Beginning

Babylon 5 Regular Cast List (actors listed first)
Michael O'Hare Commander Jeffrey Sinclair
Bruce Boxleitner Captain/President John J. Sheridan
Claudia Christian Susan Ivanova
Jerry Doyle Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan Delenn
Andreas Katsulas G'Kar
Peter Jurasik Londo Mollari
Richard Biggs Doctor Stephen Franklin
Bill Mumy Lennier
Stephen Furst Vir Cotto
Andrea Thompson Commercial Telepath Talia Winters
Patricia Tallman Commercial Telepath Lyta Alexander
Jason Carter Ranger Marcus Cole
Tracy Scoggins Captain Elizabeth Lochley
Jeff Conaway Zack Allan
Robert Rusler Warren Keffer

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