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The Invaders TV Series

THE INVADERS first came to Earth in January 1967, when their vileness was exposed in America on ABC.

DAVID VINCENT (played immaculately by ROY THINNES) was minding his own business, near that infamous diner, when he spots an alien craft. He reports it and is dismissed as a saddo. His business partner thinks Dave is off his box, and consequently pays for that presumption with his own life. It's then that Dave becomes a man possessed, and so begins in earnest one of the classic sci-fi series.

THE INVADERS were back on our TV screens with a story for the '90s, but I'm always of the opinion to leave a good thing alone, unless you can actually run it in a seamless way from where the programme left off.

Sure, there were some daft ideas, but that's what good sci-fi is all about. A bit of hokum, some credibility, mixed in with entertaining storylines. Sci-fi shouldn't really just be for an audience of rocket scientists. Obviously, an alien having the capability of reaching Earth, and changing from reptilian form into human form, would be able to fix that dodgy finger problem!

THE INVADERS included a great list of star names, so either the money was great, or they thought the show was pretty credible. MICHAEL RENNIE, GENE HACKMAN, BARBARA HERSHEY, JACK LORD, BARRY MORSE, and ED ASNER, were among the 'names' to appear in the series.

KENT SMITH and DANA WYNTER were two of the regulars on VINCENT's side, while the killer neck discs, vapourising, red-glowing aliens, and that haunting theme music by DOMINIC FRONTIERE, were key components in making the show as effectively scary as it was.

The show changed its format in the second series, and viewing figures plummeted. Thus there was no conclusion, but, as with THE PRISONER, this was probably the best ending. A fight between good and evil is something which, it appears, the human race can never resolve.

- Paul Rance/

The Invaders Episode Guide

Season 1

  1. Beachhead - "How does a nightmare begin? For David Vincent, architect, returning home from a business trip, it began at a few minutes past four, on a lost Tuesday morning, looking for a short-cut that he never found. It began with a welcoming sign that gave hope of black coffee. It began with a closed deserted diner and a man too long without sleep to continue his journey."

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Invaders ~ Roy Thinnes, J. D. Cannon

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The Invaders - The First Season ~ Roy Thinnes

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The Invaders: A Quinn Martin TV Series
By James Rosin

I still feel that the 1960s American sci-fi series The Invaders never really received the kudos that it deserved, and reading James Rosin's informative book just emphasizes that belief.

The book reminds us as to who was involved in The Invaders, and the collection of quality writers, directors, actors and actresses who helped make the series the classic that it was.

The Invaders: A Quinn Martin TV Series ~ James Rosin
The Invaders: A Quinn Martin TV Series available from ~ James Rosin

Beginning with comments from those involved in the making of the series, some via interviews with James Rosin, you get an insight into how the people involved in making The Invaders knew they were creating something special, and, over 40 years later, their pride still shines through. Roy Thinnes comes across as enthusiastic as he ever was, and believes that something is 'out there'.

The book has a superb collection of b/w stills from the series, and, in the second part of the book, there's summaries by James Rosin of all the 43 episodes, plus cast lists and producer, writer, director credits, and biographies of some of the leading lights behind The Invaders, as well as bios of some who starred in it. There's an extensive list of the production stuff, and James selects his favourite 20 episodes. It'd be hard to find an Invaders fan who wouldn't love this.

Featuring commentary from series star Roy Thinnes, producer Alan Armer (The Untouchables,The Fugitive) and others, a detailed episode guide, still/publicity photographs, and a bio section of the many guest stars who appeared in the series.



  • ISBN 13: 978-09728684-6-4

  • ISBN 10: 0-9728684-6-1

More info about the book is on the website: 

- Paul Rance/

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