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'UFO' was a British science fiction TV series broadcast in the early 1970s, in both the UK and the United States, and was Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's first TV series using actors on screen, and not just as voices for animated characters.

Not a series helped by programme scheduling, due to its often controversial subject matter, 'UFO' remains impressive. Consisting of 26 one hour episodes, 'UFO' had the theme of a military organisation called SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation) protecting Earth from UFO attack.

Filming of 'UFO' began in 1969, and it was first screened in 1970. This ITV series was bravely set only ten years later in 1980, and most of the predicted technological advances turned out to be wildly optimistic, and also off target was the prediction that both sexes would be wearing wigs in 1980. Though cell phones, spy satellites, space junk, toxic waste, commonplace use of computers, and women having more authority in the military were all predicted, and in terms of time were not too wide of the mark.

Pleasing on the eye, including a striking looking cast (with female crew members often sporting purple hair) and plenty of futuristic vehicles, 'UFO' had a strong line-up including Ed Bishop, Michael Billington, George Sewell, Gabrielle Drake, Anoushka Hempel, and Wanda Ventham. It is a show which doesn't look that dated, and looks slicker than that mighty British sci-fi institution, 'Doctor Who', did at the same time.

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UFO - Series 1 DVD
UFO - Series 1

UFO Set 1

UFO Episode List
Episode No. Original UK Air Date Episode Title
1 16th September, 1970 Identified
2 23rd September, 1970 Exposed
3 & 4 30th September, 1970 Kill Straker!
The Cat with Ten Lives
5, 6 & 7 7th October, 1970 Conflict
The Sound of Silence
8 14th October, 1970 A Question of Priorities
9 & 10 11th November, 1970 The Square Triangle
11 2nd December, 1970 Destruction
12 9th December, 1970 Computer Affair
13 16th December, 1970 Close Up
14 30th December, 1970 The Psychobombs
15 6th January, 1971 Survival
16 13th January, 1971 Mindbender
17 & 18 20th January, 1971 Flight Path
19 3rd February, 1971 The Man Who Came Back
20 10th February, 1971 The Dalotek Affair
21 17th February, 1971 Timelash
22 3rd March, 1971 The Responsibility Seat
23 1st April, 1971 The Long Sleep
24 1st May, 1971 Court Martial
25 10th July, 1971 Confetti Check A-OK
26 24th July, 1971 Reflections in the Water

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