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Wasn't it all rather surreal that Bob Geldof, star of 'The Wall', was instrumental in this reunion?

After Madonna had, apparently, hogged a lot of Pink Floyd's planned rehearsal time, this long-awaited reunion could have been a bit shambolic. But it wasn't.

An emotional crowd were treated to four Floyd classics. In order: 'Breathe In The Air' and 'Money' from 'Dark Side Of The Moon', the title track from 'Wish You were Here', and 'Comfortably Numb' from 'The Wall'.

Pink Floyd were probably the artists most people wanted to see. They had been 'away' for 24 years after all.

Drummer Nick Mason had commented on the day of their comeback, referring to any signs of friction: "Everything was remarkably civilized."

The Floyd came on with one sole pink pig (of 'Animals' fame) floating across a big screen in some witty statement maybe, i.e. pigs have got a better chance of flying than a Pink Floyd reunion...

On 'Breathe In The Air' Roger Waters particularly seemed to be enjoying himself. 'Money' saw some dextrous bass by Roger, and some gutsy vocals and a beautiful guitar solo by Dave Gilmour. Rick Wright on keyboards, and Nick Mason, together with Dave and Roger, were remarkably tight on this song. Nice shot, by the BBC, of the Battersea Power Station at the end of the sax solo.

An emotional Roger introduced 'Wish You Were Here', saying: "We're doing this for everyone who's not here, particularly of course for Syd." Featuring Dave and Roger on acoustic guitars this was the most moving song of their set. Roger looked zonked emotionally at the end of it.

'Comfortably Numb' featured a 'The Wall' backdrop, and Dave waving his arm crazily, and everyone was really hitting their straps on this one. 'The Wall' logo then changed from a blank wall to a wall with, imaginatively, some Gerald Scarfe style writing, and the slogan, 'Make Poverty History'. At the end, Dave Gilmour thanked the crowd, the band embraced, and they were gone.

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