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The album that launched Scotland's finest band, and popularly regarded as the best British rock album of 1999.

'Writing To Reach You' puts down their marker, a powerful mix of lilting music and vocals, interspersed with earthy guitar.

'As You Are' is a beautifully crafted song, which changes from a ballad to a more anthemic rock number and back again.

The accessible 'Driftwood' is a modern gem, and epitomises the Travis sound - catchy, harmonic guitars, with a balladic/rock crossover. This is followed by 'The Last Laugh Of The Laughter', which sees Fran Healy's voice at its most poignant.

Following this is the band's most famous song, and a title we can all identify with at some point in our lives. It is, of course, 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me?' Though, it's surprisingly not as melancholy as the title may suggest. A jaunty, smack in the face for life's vicissitudes, in fact.

Next up is 'Luv' - a thick, lush, dreamy track, with a House Of Love feel.

'Slide Show' incorporates a folksy sound, with a snatch of powerful guitar, and slamming car doors at the beginning and end!

Let the CD play for 3 or 4 minutes after the final track, and a bonus, unlisted (on my CD at least) track appears - a spikey little number reflecting on people's apathetic reaction to a woman's physical batterings.

This is an album with no weak tracks, and is of a surprisingly consistent high quality, for a band which, in 1999, was new to the public at large.

- Paul Rance/

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Travis - 'The Man Who' The Man Who
Product image for ASIN: B00004SBGD The Man Who

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'The Man Who' Track Listing
(All songs written by Fran Healy)

Writing To Reach You
The Fear
As You Are
The Last Laugh Of The Laughter
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
She's So Strange
Slide Show

TRAVIS Stuff from


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Travis at the Palace


B000OQF5HS The Boy With No Name ~ Travis
B00065LGOS Singles ~ Travis
B0000C6K00 12 Memories ~ Travis
B00005K9N7 The Invisible Band ~ Travis
B000026EGU Good Feeling ~ Travis

CD Single Love Will Come Through

CDs from

12 Memories
The Man Who
The Invisible Band

Travis Discography

UK Singles (and complete list of chart positions)
1996 All I Want To Do Is Rock
1997 U16 Girls #40
1997 All I Want To Do Is Rock (re-release) #39
1997 Tied To The 90s #30
1997 Happy #38
1998 More Than Us #16
1999 Writing To Reach You #14
1999 Driftwood #13
1999 Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
1999 Turn #8
2000 Coming Around #5
2001 Sing #3
2001 Side #14
2001 Flowers In The Window #18
2003 Re-Offender #7
2004 The Beautiful Occupation #48
2004 Love Will Come Through #28
2004 Walking In The Sun #20
2007 Closer #10

Albums (release dates, and UK and US chart positions)
Good Feeling
(September 8, 1997)
#9 UK

The Man Who
(May 24, 1999)
#1 UK, #135 US

The Invisible Band
(June 11, 2001)
#1 UK, #39 US

12 Memories
(October 13, 2003)
#3 UK, #41 US

(November 1, 2004)
#4 UK

The Boy With No Name
(May 7, 2007 - UK; May 8, 2007 - US)
#4 UK, #58 US

Ode To J. Smith
(September 29, 2008 - UK; November 4, 2008 - US)
#20 UK

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