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The Kinks were one of the most influential groups to come out of English music's golden decade - the 1960s.

With a name that said they were different, The Kinks evolved out of a group called The Ravens, which was Dave Davies's band, and included Pete Quaife on bass. Dave's art school student brother Ray joined The Ravens in 1963, and the group was renamed The Kinks, with drummer Mick Avory recruited to give The Kinks their first and most famous line-up. The group were signed by Pye Records in 1964, and their first single was, predictably, a cover of a rock 'n' roll classic, Little Richard's 'Long Tall Sally'. It struggled to make any impact, as did their second, 'You Do Something To Me'.

'You Really Got Me' made it third time lucky for The Kinks, and not only reached number one in the UK singles charts, and made the US top ten, but is looked back on as a landmark record, often cited as the first instance of a heavy rock record making an impact on the music mainstream. Their next hit, 'All Day And All Of The Night', was in a similar vein. But the quality and flexibility of Ray Davies's songwriting came to the fore with The Kinks second UK number one, 'Tired Of Waiting For You'. A ballad, this began to set a pattern for Davies's work. His songs began to get more softer, musically, while the lyrics became more incisive, notably 'Sunny Afternoon' and 'Dedicated Follower Of Fashion'. Some Kinks songs had no edge, however, and were just beautifully melodic creations such as 'Waterloo Sunset' and 'Days'.

Though very consistently successful in the UK, The Kinks were hindered from capitalising on their early American success, due to problems with the American Federation of Musicians resulting in them not being able to tour the States.

Towards the end of the '60s, The Kinks were really beginning to live up to their name, with the eccentric, but often lauded, 'The Village Green Preservation Society' album, and, in the early 1970s, with a favourite singalong song, 'Lola' - based on an unfortunate experience Ray had!

Lead singer and songwriter Ray Davies rivalled The Who's Pete Townshend as the premier solo British songwriter of the era, with thoughtful songs of greater depth than much of the disposable pop fodder which has always been prevalent in the charts.

Ray's fights with brother Dave are legendary, and much probably came about through the primitive pulls of sibling rivalry. Dave, a gifted guitarist and creative talent in his own right, probably felt underappreciated, as did Ray, being the man delivering the hits. The brothers were once in America, refusing to speak to each other, and phoned England to vent their bulging spleens, though they could have sorted things out - being only a room apart! Other eccentric behaviour included Ray trying to 'marry off' Dave to gay socialite David Watts, which inspired a Kinks song, and a Jam cover of it. Pete Townshend described Ray as a person "reaching out to engage you", and Dave as "testosterone driven". Widgets

But, it helps any creative force to have a little edge, and that edge helped Ray Davies write wonderful songs, songs which will live as long as songs are sung, namely descriptive ballads 'Days', 'Waterloo Sunset', 'Sunny Afternoon', and the quirky songs which emphasised The Kinks as an appropriate name - 'Lola' and 'Dedicated Follower Of Fashion'.

Ray Davies once said of himself: "I'm quite vulnerable, but I'm also very strong-willed." He also denies being a one-off, when he probably is. His 1966 song 'I'm Not Like Everybody Else' would sum him up, really, though he claims that is a song about someone being in denial - that they are like everybody else, and that he is, too.

The Kinks have been credited with inventing heavy metal, and Dave Davies for popularising power chords, with their powerful first big hit, 'You Really Got Me', from 1964, showing what a tight rhythm section the group had in Mick Avory (drums) and Pete Quaife (bass). The Kinks are also often cited as godfathers of Britpop, and were pioneers of the sitar sound in Western music, with 'See My Friends' in 1965 - though no real sitar was used. The album, 'The Village Green Preservation Society', celebrated Englishness, and, even by Kinks standards, was very offbeat. All great groups have some quality which makes them distinctive, and with The Kinks it was a hybrid of musical styles, with a touch of eccentricity. The Kinks thoroughly deserved being inducted into the 'UK Music Hall Of Fame' in 2005, and it was apt that Britain's power chord guv'nor, Pete Townshend, should present them with the award.

- Paul Rance/

Ray Davies - 'Other People's Lives'
Other People's Lives
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Other People's Lives

The Kinks Band members

Ray Davies (1964-    )
Dave Davies (1964-    )
Mick Avory (1964-1984)

Pete Quaife (1964-1966, 1966-1969)
John Dalton (1966, 1969-1976)
Andy Pyle (1976-1978)
Jim Rodford (1978
-    )

John Gosling (1970-1978)
Gordon Edwards (1978-1979)
Ian Gibbons (1979-1989, 1993
-    )
Mark Haley (1989-1993)

Bob Henrit (1984-    )

The Kinks Discography

UK Singles (and complete list of UK and US chart positions)
August 4th, 1964 You Really Got Me #1 UK, #7 US
October 23rd, 1964 All Day And All Of The Night #2 UK, #7 US
January 15th, 1965 Tired Of Waiting For You #1 UK, #6 US
March 19th, 1965 Everybody's Gonna Be Happy #17 UK
May 21st, 1965 Set Me Free #9 UK, #23 US
July 30th, 1965 See My Friends #10 UK
August 14th, 1965 Who'll Be the Next In Line #34 US
November 19th, 1965 Till The End Of The Day #8 UK, #50 US
February 25th, 1966 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion #4 UK, #36 US
June 3rd, 1966 Sunny Afternoon #1 UK, #14 US
November 18th, 1966 Dead End Street #5 UK, #73 US
May 5th, 1967 Waterloo Sunset #2 UK
July 1st, 1967 Mr. Pleasant #80 US
October 13th, 1967 Autumn Almanac #3 UK
April 5th, 1968 Wonderboy #36 UK
June 28th, 1968 Days #12 UK
March 28th, 1969 Plastic Man #31 UK
December 12th, 1969 Victoria #33 UK, #70 US
June 12th, 1970 Lola #2 UK, #9 US
November 20th, 1970 Apeman #5 UK, #45 US
May 5th, 1972 Supersonic Rocket Ship #16 UK
April 2nd, 1977 Sleepwalker #48 US
July 22nd, 1978 A Rock 'N Roll Fantasy #30 US
April 28th, 1979 (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman #41 US
August 30th, 1980 Lola (live) #81 US
October 31st, 1981 Destroyer #85 US
November 28th, 1981 Better Things #46 UK, #92 US
November 19th, 1982 Come Dancing #12 UK, #6 US
August 20th, 1983 Don't Forget to Dance #58 UK, #29 US
December 22nd, 1984 Do It Again #41 US
January, 1997 The Days EP #35 UK

Studio Albums
The Kinks (Released in the US as You Really Got Me) - 1964
Kinda Kinks - 1965
The Kinks Kontroversy - 1965
Face to Face - 1966
Something Else By The Kinks - 1967
The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society - 1968
Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) - 1969
Lola versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One - 1970
Percy (Soundtrack) - 1971
Muswell Hillbillies - 1971
Everybody's in Show-Biz - 1972
The Great Lost Kinks Album - 1973
Preservation Act 1 - 1973
Preservation Act 2 - 1974
Soap Opera - 1975
Schoolboys in Disgrace - 1975
Sleepwalker - 1977
Misfits - 1978
Low Budget - 1979
Give the People What They Want - 1981
State of Confusion - 1983
Word of Mouth - 1984
Think Visual - 1986
UK Jive - 1989
Phobia - 1993

Live Albums
1968 Live at Kelvin Hall
1980 One for the Road
1986 Come Dancing with the Kinks*
1987 Live: The Road*
1994 To the Bone UK*
1996 To the Bone US*
* partially live

Compilation Albums
1966 Greatest Hits!
1966 Well Respected Kinks
1967 Sunny Afternoon
1970 The Kinks ["The Black Album"]
1971 Hit Collection
1971 Kinks Greatest Hits
1971 Golden Hour of The Kinks
1972 The Kink Kronikles
1973 Lola
1973 The Great Lost Kinks Album
1973 Golden Hour of The Kinks Vol. 2
1974 Lola, Percy and the Apeman Come Face to Face With the Village Green Preservation Society... Something Else
1975 The Pye History of British Pop Music: The Kinks
1976 The Kinks' Greatest: Celluloid Heroes
1977 The File Series: The Kinks
1978 20 Golden Greats
1980 Spotlight on The Kinks
1980 You Really Got Me
1980 Second Time Around
1981 Hit Station
1983 The Kinks Collection
1983 Candy From Mr Dandy
1983 Dead End Street: Kinks Greatest Hits
1984 20th Anniversary Box Set
1984 Kinks Kollectables
1984 The Kinks: A Compleat Collection
1984 The Kinks: A Compleat Collection - 20th Anniversary Edition
1985 Backtrackin': The Definitive Double-Album Collection
1986 Come Dancing With The Kinks: The Best of 1977-1986
1987 The Kinks Are Well Respected Men
1987 The Kinks Hit Singles
1988 Kinks-Size / Kinkdom
1989 25 Years - The Ultimate Collection
1989 Best of The Kinks 1964-65
1989 From 64 to 70
1989 PRT Collector
1989 The Kinks Greatest Hits
1989 The Ultimate Collection
1990 Fab Forty
1990 The EP Collection
1991 The Complete Collection
1991 You Really Got Me
1991 Lost & Found (1986-89)
1992 The Kinks
1992 The Kinks Story Vol. 1: 1964-1966
1992 The Kinks Story Volume 2: 1967-1971
1992 The Kinks - The Collection
1992 The EP Collection Vol. Two
1993 Gold (Greatest Hits)
1993 The Definitive Collection: The Kinks Greatest Hits
1994 Preservation - A Play in Two Acts
1994 The Best of: 20 Classic Tracks
1994 You Really Got Me: The Very Best of The Kinks
1995 The Story of the Kinks
1995 Tired of Waiting for You
1996 The Kinks
1997 Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 Pop Legends
1997 The Very Best of: 25 Original Recordings
1997 The Singles Collection
1998 God Save The Kinks, Vol. 1
1998 God Save The Kinks, Vol. 2
1998 God Save The Kinks, Vol. 3
1998 Limited Edition Compilation: Music From the First Four Velvel Reissues
1998 It's The Kinks
1998 Limited Edition Compilation 2
1998 The EP Collection
1999 Greatest Hits
1999 Limited Edition Compilation 3
2000 You Really Got Me: The Best of The Kinks
2000 The EP Collection Vol. 2 (box set)
2001 The Marble Arch Years
2002 The Ultimate Collection
2005 The Pye Album Collection (10 CD box set)

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The Kinks
Author: Johnny Rogan
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The Ultimate Collection
Kinks Live DVD
The Kinks - The Live Broadcasts [2006]
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The Kinks' The Village Green Preservation Society
Author: Andy Miller
Kinks - 'You Really Got Me'
You Really Got Me
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The Kinks
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The Kinks
Author: Dave Rubin, The Kinks
'The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society'
The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society
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Ray Davies / The Kinks - Return To Waterloo / Come Dancing [1986]
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Author: Dave Davies
Kinks - 'Face To Face'
Face to Face
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Kinks EP
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The Kinks
Author: Neville Marten, Jeffrey Hudson
The Kinks - 'Arthur Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire'
Arthur Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire
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Sixties Rock
Ray Davies - 'X-Ray'
Author: Ray Davies
The Kinks - 'Muswell Hillbillies'
Muswell Hillbillies
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The Kink Kontroversy

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