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The page about The Rolling Stones
Written and compiled by Paul Rance


Past and Present

Mick Jagger (July 26, 1943); Keith Richards (December 18, 1943); Charlie Watts (June 2, 1941); Bill Wyman (October 24, 1936); Brian Jones (February 28, 1942 - July 3, 1969); Mick Taylor (January 17, 1948); Ron Wood (June 1, 1947).
Brian left a few weeks before his death in 1969; Mick Taylor left in 1974; Bill left in 1993ish.


UK - It's All Over Now; Little Red Rooster; The Last Time; (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction; Get Off Of My Cloud; Paint It Black; Jumpin' Jack Flash; Honky Tonk Women.

USA - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction; Get Off Of My Cloud; Paint It Black; Ruby Tuesday; Honky Tonk Women; Brown Sugar; Angie; Miss You.

The Rolling Stones

The Stones at Glastonbury, 2013
The Stones only allowed the last hour of their two-and-a-half set to be broadcast on BBC2, as they thought that was fairer on the people who paid to see 'em. These were the numbers broadcast: 1. Miss You; 2. Midnight Rambler; 3. 2000 Light Years From Home; 4. Sympathy For The Devil; 5. Start Me Up; 6. Tumbling Dice; 7. Brown Sugar; 8. You Can't Always Get What You Want; 9. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.

Good to see Mick Taylor there, as I thought Jagger had never forgiven him for walking out on the Stones. Mick is 70 next month and has given up dairy products. Maybe we should all follow suit. Thought he was amazing. - P.R.

It all began just outside London, in 1962, with Mick Jagger, Keith Richard, Brian Jones, and, later that year, Bill Wyman. Charlie Watts joined in 1963, and.....

I'm not going to made any sly digs about their age. People like Methuselah I respected, after all.

The Stones are a British institution - more redolent of what British culture has been like post-1960 than, say, politicians or the aristocracy. Since The Beatles and The Stones, celebrities have been like the nouveau riche in aristocracy. Though the originals, unlike most of their progeny, had talent.

Sometimes it seemed like The Stones were living in a war zone. Particularly in 1969, with the death of Brian Jones, Altamont, and Marianne Faithfull's near death. Later, Keith Richards was to lose a son, and, combined with his drug problems, it is indeed, as has often been said, a miracle he is still with us. The clean-living Charlie Watts and Mick Taylor both ended up with substance problems. Ironic that Keith Richards was to help Charlie through his downtime. Ronnie Wood's health problems are well documented, while Mick Jagger's divorce from Bianca was so public, that even the greatest rock performer of his generation must have wished if all the fame and fortune was worth it.

Rolling Stones

In terms of womanising, it was always surprising that 'the quiet one', Bill Wyman, slept with more women than Mick Jagger, and possibly the rest of The Stones combined. It's always the quiet ones...

Musically, The Stones are still regarded as the biggest and best band in rock history after The Beatles, and that position seems unchallenged. Eric Clapton once said he could have been in The Stones, but Keith said The Stones were about a certain lifestyle, as well as making intoxicating rhythm and blues.

These days, Bill Wyman likes nothing better than getting his metal detector out looking for rare coins in his garden. He's found coins dating back to Roman times, as well as coins from the medieval period.

Several Stones numbers would make a top 100 of great rock songs. In '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction', and that strange, buzzing waspish guitar intro you have one of the most recognisable intros on any record. A hypnotic rhythm, allied with Jagger's increasingly frenzied vocals, make this The Stones most enduring record. It was interesting that the Jagger/Richards songs sounded so much better than the old R&B classics The Stones performed themselves, and Chris Farlowe's emotionally charged 'Out Of Time' was one of the few great covers of one of their own songs.

Other Stones classics, and top 100 contenders, would be all of the following, beginning with the dark Eastern sound of 'Paint It Black'. The band produced a plethora of disturbing, but outstanding songs, especially the harmonic, but still hard-edged rock of the manic 'Jumpin' Jack Flash', the tribal 'Sympathy For The Devil (Mick displaying his love for history in the lyrics here)', and the even darker blues and lyrics of 'Gimme Shelter'.

Graham Nash and Allan Clarke of The Hollies sang backing vocals on 'Not Fade Away'. Phil Spector played maracas.

Superb rock and roll songs include 'It's Only Rock 'N Roll (But I Like It), 'Honky Tonk Women', 'Brown Sugar', and 'Street Fighting Man'.

The Stones could also write songs with classy arrangements, namely, 'You Can't Always Get What You Want', 'Let's Spend The Night Together', and 'She's A Rainbow'.

Their ballads have often been underrated. 'Angie', 'Ruby Tuesday', and 'As Tears Go By' proved Jagger had a very plaintive, moving voice, and that The Stones, as musicians, were masters of their craft.

The Stones have certainly made dull stuff, too, and made bad errors of judgment. Getting Hell's Angels as security at Altamont was crazy, and life got hairy for Mick around this time, as he upset a few people he shouldn't have been dealing with in the first place.

Pete Townshend talking about the death of Brian Jones: "Oh, it's a normal day for Brian, like he died every day, you know."

But The Stones are not regarded as bad boys anymore. More like eccentric uncles who won't grow old gracefully. The band are now regarded with affection by different generations. Their Hyde Park concert in the summer of 1969 is regarded as one of the great historical events of British rock, and even recent British social history. Mick and Keith are now lovingly lampooned in the excellent British TV comedy, 'Stella Street', as a couple of guys running a corner store, with Mick haranguing a laidback Keith about the fruit and veg. An idea for the guys if the royalties dry up, and time catches up with a lot of their fans.

When The Stones were harassed to death by the British establishment in the '60s, even that normal bastion of the establishment, 'The Times' newspaper, defended them with the famous "Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel?" headline. The Stones responded with their 'We Love You' tribute to the fans who'd supported them.

One of the early great Stones tracks was 'The Last Time', which sort of encapsulated the band's earthy but harmonic R&B sound. They just can't say those words and really mean them, can they?!

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Respect those trees, man!

The Stones In The Park DVD (
The Stones In The Park DVD (; Rolling Stones - The Stones In The Park - Collector's Edition (

Saturday, July 5th, 1969

The most famous live performance of the Stones career. 250,000-400,000 (who knows!) people in Hyde Park, London on a summer afternoon in 1969 for a Rolling Stones free concert. Mick in a white minidress dedicating a Shelley poem to Brian Jones, butterflies everywhere, wimpy looking Hell's Angels, the Stones arriving in an APC, and a young Mick Taylor hurled into the maelstrom, after liitle practise, of life as a Rolling Stone.

How the Stones managed to play some impressive, raw R&B only two days after Brian's death was unreal. The highlight being a percussive jamboree on 'Sympathy For The Devil'.

In this summer of the Moon landing and Woodstock a 17-year-old Dave Stewart was hanging out in a tree in Hyde Park inspired by the Stones. So, there you go, this concert was responsible for The Eurythmics!

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The Rolling Stones Fan Club of Europe
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ROLLING STONES album releases in the U.S., including tracks

England's Newest Hit Makers / The Rolling Stones
Released: May, 1964
Tracks: "Not Fade Away" - "Route 66" - "I Just Want To Make Love You" - "Honest I Do" - "Now I've Got A Witness" - "Little By Little" - "I'm A King Bee" - "Carol" - "Tell Me" - "Can I Get A Witness" - "You Can Make It If You Try" - "Walking The Dog"

12 X 5
Released: January, 1965
Tracks: "Around And Around" - "Confessin' The Blues" - "Empty Heart" - "Time Is On My Side" - "Good Times, Bad Times" - "It's All Over Now" - "2120 South Michigan Avenue" - "Under The Boardwalk" - "Congratulations" - "Grown Up Wrong" - "If You Need Me" - "Susie Q"

Rolling Stones, Now!
Released: March, 1965
Tracks: "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" - "Down Home Girl" - "You Can't Catch Me" - "Heart Of Stone" - "What A Shame" - "Mona" - "Down The Road Apiece" - "Off The Hook" - "Pain In My Heart" - "Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')" - "Little Red Rooster" - "Surprise, Surprise"

Out Of Our Heads
Released: July, 1965
Tracks: "Mercy Mercy" - "Hitch Hike" - "The Last Time" - "That's How Strong My Love Is" - "Good Times" - "I'm All Right" - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - "Cry To Me" - "The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man" - "Play With Fire" - "Spider And The Fly" - "One More Try"

December's Children (And Everybody's)
Tracks: "She Said Yeah" - "Talkin' About You" - "You Better Move On" - "Look What You've Done" - "The Singer Not The Song" - "Route 66" - "Get Off Of My Cloud" - "I'm Free" - "As Tears Go By" - "Gotta Get Away" - "Blue Turns To Grey" - "I'm Moving On"

Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass)
Released: March, 1966
Tracks: "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - "Last Time" - "As Tears Go By" - "Time Is On My Side" - "It's All Over Now" - "Tell Me" - "19th Nervous Breakdown" - "Heart Of Stone" - "Get Off Of My Cloud" - "Not Fade Away" - "Good Times, Bad Times" - "Play With Fire"

Released: April, 1966
Tracks: "Paint It Black" - "Stupid Girl" - "Lady Jane" - "Under My Thumb" - "Doncha Bother Me" - "Think" - "Flight 505" - "High And Dry" - "It's Not Easy" - "I Am Waiting" - "Going Home"

Got Live If You Want It!
Released: November, 1966
Live Tracks: "Under My Thumb" - "Get Off Of My Cloud" - "Lady Jane" - "Not Fade Away" - "I've Been Loving You Too Long" - "Fortune Teller" - "The Last Time" - "19th Nervous Breakdown" - "Time Is On My Side" - "I'm Alright" - "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?" - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"

Between The Buttons
Released: January, 1967
Tracks: "Let's Spend The Night Together" - "Yesterday's Papers" - "Ruby Tuesday" - "Connection" - "She Smiled Sweetly" - "Cool, Calm And Collected" - "All Sold Out" - "My Obsession" - "Who's Been Sleeping Here?" - "Complicated" - "Miss Amanda Jones" - "Something Happened To Me Yesterday"

Released: July, 1967
Tracks: "Ruby Tuesday" - "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?" - "Let's Spend The Night Together" - "Lady Jane" - "Out Of Time" - "My Girl" - "Backstreet Girl" - "Please Go Home" - "Mother's Little Helper" - "Take It Or Leave It" - "Ride On, Baby" - "Sittin' On A Fence"

Their Satanic Majesties Request
Released: November, 1967
Tracks: "Sing This All Together" - "Citadel" - "In Another Land" - "2000 Man" - "Sing This All Together (See What Happens)" - "She's A Rainbow" - "The Lantern" - "Gomper" - "2000 Light Years From Home" - "On With The Show"

Beggars Banquet

Released: December, 1968
Tracks: "Sympathy For The Devil" - "No Expectations" - "Dear Doctor" - "Parachute Woman" - "Jig-Saw Puzzle" - "Street Fighting Man" - "Prodigal Son" - "Stray Cat Blues" - "Factory Girl" - "Salt Of The Earth"

Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)
Released: September, 1969
Tracks: "Paint It Black" - "Ruby Tuesday" - "She's A Rainbow" - "Jumpin' Jack Flash" - "Mother's Little Helper" - "Let's Spend The Night Together" - "Honky Tonk Women" - "Dandelion" - "2000 Light Years From Home" - "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?" - "Street Fighting Man"

Let It Bleed
Let It Bleed
Released: November, 1969
Tracks: "Gimme Shelter" - "Love In Vain" - "Country Honk" - "Live With Me" - "Let It Bleed" - "Midnight Rambler" - "You Got The Silver" - "Monkey Man" - "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!'
Released: September, 1970
Live Tracks: "Jumpin' Jack Flash" - "Carol" - "Stray Cat Blues" - "Love In Vain" - "Midnight Rambler" - "Sympathy For The Devil" - "Live With Me" - "Little Queenie" - "Honky Tonk Women" - "Street Fighting Man"

Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers
Released: April, 1971
Tracks: "Brown Sugar" - "Sway" - "Wild Horses" - "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" - "You Gotta Move" - "Bitch" - "I Got The Blues" - "Sister Morphine" - "Dead Flowers" - "Moonlight Mile"

Hot Rocks 1964 - 1971
Released: January, 1972
Tracks: "Time Is On My Side" - "Heart Of Stone" - "Play With Fire" - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - "As Tears Go By" - "Get Off Of My Cloud" - "Mother's Little Helper" - "19th Nervous Breakdown" - "Paint It Black" - "Under My Thumb" - "Ruby Tuesday" - "Let's Spend The Night Together" - "Jumpin' Jack Flash" - "Street Fighting Man" - "Sympathy For The Devil" - "Honky Tonk Women" - "Gimme Shelter" - "Midnight Rambler" - "You Can't Always Get What You Want" - "Brown Sugar" - "Wild Horses"

Exile on Main Street
Exile On Main St.
Released: May, 1972
Tracks: "Rocks Off" - "Rip This Joint" - "Shake Your Hips" - "Casino Boogie" - "Tumbling Dice" - "Sweet Virginia" - "Torn And Frayed" - "Sweet Black Angel" - "Loving Cup" - "Happy" - "Turd On The Run" - "Ventilator Blues" - "I Just Want To See His Face" - "Let It Loose" - "All Down The Line" - "Stop Breaking Down" - "Shine A Light" - "Soul Survivor"

More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies)
Released: November, 1972
Tracks: "Tell Me" - "Not Fade Away" - "Last Time" - "It's All Over Now" - "Good Times Bad Times" - "I'm Free" - "Out Of Time" - "Lady Jane" - "Sittin' On A Fence" - "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?" - "Dandelion" - "We Love You" - "She's A Rainbow" - "2000 Light Years From Home" - "Child Of The Moon" - "No Expectations" - "Let It Bleed" - "What To Do" - "Money" - "Come On" - "Fortune Teller" - "Poison Ivy" - "Bye Bye Johnny" - "I Can't Be Satisfied" - "Long Long While"

Goats Head Soup
Released: September, 1973
Tracks: "Dancing With Mr. D." - "100 Years Ago" - "Coming Down Again" - "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)" - "Angie" - "Silver Train" - "Hide Your Love" - "Winter" - "Can You Hear The Music" - "Star Star"

It's Only Rock 'N Roll
Released: October, 1974
Tracks: "If You Can't Rock Me" - "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" - "It's Only Rock 'N Roll (But I Like It)" - "Till The Next Goodbye" - "Time Waits For No One" - "Luxury" - "Dance Little Sister" - "If You Really Want To Be My Friend" - "Short And Curlies" - "Fingerprint File"

Made In The Shade
Released: June, 1975
Tracks: "Brown Sugar" - "Tumbling Dice" - "Happy" - "Dance Little Sister" - "Wild Horses" - "Angie" - "Bitch" - "It's Only Rock & Roll" - "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)" - "Rip This Joint"

Released: June, 1975
Tracks: "Out Of Time" - "Don't Lie To Me" - "Each And Everyday Of The Year" - "Heart Of Stone" - "I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys" - "Walkin' Thru The Sleepy City" - "Try A Little Harder" - "I Don't Know Why" - "If You Let Me" - "Jiving Sister Fanny" - "Downtown Suzie" - "Family" - "Memo From Turner" - "I'm Going Down"

Black & Blue
Released: April, 1976
Tracks: "Hot Stuff" - "Hand Of Fate" - "Cherry Oh Baby" - "Memory Motel" - "Hey Negrita" - "Melody" - "Fool To Cry" - "Crazy Mama"

Love You Live
Released: September, 1977
Live Tracks: "Honky Tonk Women" - "If You Can't Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud" - "Happy" - "Hot Stuff" - "Star Star" - "Tumbling Dice" - "Fingerprint File" - "You Gotta Move" - "You Can't Always Get What You Want" - "Mannish Boy" - "Crackin' Up" - "Little Red Rooster" - "Around And Around" - "It's Only Rock 'N Roll" - "Brown Sugar" - "Jumpin' Jack Flash" - "Sympathy For The Devil"

Some Girls
Released: June, 1978
Tracks: "Miss You" - "When The Whip Comes Down" - "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" - "Some Girls" - "Lies" - "Far Away Eyes" - "Respectable" - "Before They Make Me Run" - "Beast Of Burden" - "Shattered"

Emotional Rescue
Released: June, 1980
Tracks: "Dance (Pt. 1)" - "Summer Romance" - "Send It To Me" - "Let Me Go" - "Indian Girl" - "Where The Boys Go" - "Down In The Hole" - "Emotional Rescue" - "She's So Cold" - "All About You"

Sucking In The Seventies
Released: March, 1981
Tracks: "Shattered" - "Everything Is Turning To Gold" - "Hot Stuff" - "Time Waits For No One" - "Fool To Cry" - "Mannish Boy" - "When The Whip Comes Down" (live) - "If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt. 2)" - "Crazy Mama" - "Beast Of Burden"

Tattoo You
Released: August, 1981
Tracks: "Start Me Up" - "Hang Fire" - "Slave" - "Little T&A" - "Black Limousine" - "Neighbours" - "Worried About You" - "Tops" - "Heaven" - "No Use In Crying" - "Waiting On A Friend"

Still Life
Released: June, 1982
Live Tracks: "Under My Thumb" - "Let's Spend The Night Together" - "Shattered" - "Twenty Flight Rock" - "Going To A Go-Go" - "Let Me Go" - "Time Is On My Side" - "Just My Imagination" - "Start Me Up" - "Satisfaction"

Released: November, 1983
Tracks: "Undercover Of The Night" - "She Was Hot" - "Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love)" - "Wanna Hold You" - "Feel On Baby" - "Too Much Blood" - "Pretty Beat Up" - "Too Tough" - "All The Way Down" - "It Must Be Hell"

Rewind (1971 - 1984)
Released: June, 1984
Tracks: "Brown Sugar" - "Undercover Of The Night" - "Start Me Up" - "Tumbling Dice" - "It's Only Rock 'N Roll" - "She So Cold" - "Miss You" - "Beast Of Burden" - "Fool To Cry" - "Waiting On A Friend" - "Angie" - "Respectable"

Dirty Work
Released: March, 1986
Tracks: "One Hit (To The Body)" - "Fight" - "Harlem Shuffle" - "Hold On" - "Too Rude" - "Winning Ugly" - "Back To Zero" - "Dirty Work" - "Had It With You" - "Sleep Tonight" - "Untitled"

Singles Collection - The London Years
Released: August, 1989
Tracks: "Come On" - "I Want To Be Loved" - "I Wanna Be Your Man" - "Stoned" - "Not Fade Away" - "Little By Little" - "It's All Over Now" - "Good Times, Bad Times" - "Tell Me" - "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" - "Time Is On My Side" - "Congratulations" - "Little Red Rooster" - "Off The Hook" - "Heart Of Stone" - "What A Shame" - "The Last Time" - "Play With Fire" - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - "The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man" - "The Spider And The Fly" - "Get Off Of My Cloud" - "I'm Free" - "The Singer Not The Song" - "As Tears Go By" - "Gotta Get Away" - "19th Nervous Breakdown" - "Sad Day" - "Paint It Black" - "Stupid Girl" - Long Long While" - "Mother's Little Helper" - "Lady Jane" - "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In Shadow?" - "Who's Driving Your Plane?" - "Let's Spend The Night Together" - "Ruby Tuesday" - "We Love You" - "Dandelion" - "She's A Rainbow" - "2000 Light Years From Home" - "In Another Land" - "The Lantern" - "Jumpin' Jack Flash" - "Child Of The Moon" - "Street Fighting Man" - "No Expectations" - "Surprise, Surprise" - "Honky Tonk Women" - "You Can't Always Get What What You Want" - "Memo From Turner" - "Brown Sugar" - "Wild Horses" - "I Don't Know Why aka Don't Know Why I Love You" - "Try A Little Harder" - "Out Of Time" - "Jiviing Sister Fanny" - "Sympathy For The Devil"

Steel Wheels
Released: August, 1989
Tracks: "Sad Sad Sad" - "Mixed Emotions" - "Terrifying" - "Hold On To Your Hat" - "Hearts For Sale" - "Blinded By Love" - "Rock And A Hard Place" - "Can't Be Seen" - "Almost Hear You Sigh" - "Continental Drift" - "Break The Spell" - "Slipping Away"

Released: April, 1991
Live Tracks: "Continental Drift" - "Start Me Up" - "Sad Sad Sad" - "Miss You" - "Rock And A Hard Place" - "Ruby Tuesday" - "You Can't Always Get What You Want" - "Factory Girl" - "Can't Be Seen" - "Little Red Rooster" - "Paint It Black" - "Sympathy For The Devil" - "Brown Sugar" - "Jumpin' Jack Flash" - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - "Highwire" - "Sex Drive"

Voodoo Lounge
Released: July, 1994
Tracks: "Love Is Strong" - "You Got Me Rocking" - "Sparks Will Fly" - "The Worst" - "New Faces" - "Moon Is Up" - "Out Of Tears" - "I Go Wild" - "Brand New Car" - "Sweethearts Together" - "Suck On The Jugular" - "Blinded By Rainbows" - "Baby Break It Down" - "Thru And Thru" - "Mean Disposition"

Released: November, 1995
Tracks: "Street Fighting Man" - "Like A Rolling Stone" - "Not Fade Away" - "Shine A Light" - "The Spider And The Fly" - "I'm Free" - "Wild Horses" - "Let It Bleed" - "Dead Flowers" - "Slipping Away" - "Angie" - "Love In Vain" - "Sweet Virginia" - "Little Baby"

Rock And Roll Circus
Released: October, 1996
Tracks: "Entry Of The Gladiators" - "Song For Jeffrey" - "A Quick One While He's Away" - "Over The Waves" - "Ain't That A Lot Of Love" - "Something Better" - "Yer Blues" - "Whole Lotta Yoko" - " Jumpin' Jack Flash" - "Parachute Woman" - "No Expectations" - "You Can't Always Get What You Want" - "Sympathy For The Devil" - "Salt Of The Earth"

Bridges To Babylon
Released: September, 1997
Tracks: "Flip The Switch" - "Anybody Seen My Baby?" - "Low Down" - "Already Over Me" - "Gunface" - "You Don't Have To Mean It" - "Out Of Control" - "Saint Of Me" - "Might As Well Get Juiced" - "Always Suffering" - "Too Tight" - "Thief In The Night" - "How Can I Stop"

No Security
Released: November, 1998
Live Tracks: "You Got Me Rocking" - "Gimme Shelter" - "Flip The Switch" - "Memory Motel" - "Corinna" - "Saint Of Me" - "Waiting On A Friend" - "Sister Morphine" - "Live With Me" - "Respectable" - "Thief In The Night" - "The Last Time" - "Out Of Control"

40 Licks
Released: October, 2002
Tracks: "Street Fighting Man" - "Gimme Shelter" - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - "The Last Time" - "Jumpin' Jack Flash" - "You Can't Always Get What You Want" - "19th Nervous Breakdown" - "Under My Thumb" - "Not Fade Away" - "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?" - "Sympathy For The Devil" - "Mother's Little Helper" - "She's A Rainbow" - "Get Off Of My Cloud" - "Wild Horses" - "Ruby Tuesday" - "Paint It Black" - "Honky Tonk Women" - "It's All Over Now" - "Let's Spend The Night Together" - "Start Me Up" - "Brown Sugar" - "Miss You" - "Beast Of Burden" - "Don't Stop" - "Happy" - "Angie" - "You Got Me Rocking" - "Shattered" - "Fool To Cry" - "Love Is Strong" - "Mixed Emotions" - "Keys To Your Love" - "Anybody Seen My Baby?" - "Stealing My Heart" - "Tumbling Dice" - "Undercover Of The Night" - "Emotional Rescue" - "It's Only Rock 'N Roll" - "Losing My Touch"

A Bigger Bang
Released: September, 2005
"Rough Justice" - "Let Me Down Slow" - "It Won't Take Long" - "Rain Fall Down" - "Streets Of Love" - "Back Of My Hand" - "She Saw Me Coming" - "Biggest Mistake" - "This Place Is Empty" - "Oh No, Not You Again" - "Dangerous Beauty" - "Laugh, I Nearly Died" - "Sweet Neo Con" - "Look What The Cat Dragged In" - "Driving Too Fast" - "Infamy"

Released: November, 2012
"Come On" - "Not Fade Away" - "It's All Over Now" - "Little Red Rooster" - "The Last Time" - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - "Time Is On My Side" - "Get Off Of My Cloud" - "Heart Of Stone" - "19th Nervous Breakdown" - "As Tears Go By" - "Paint It, Black" - "Under My Thumb" - "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?" - "Ruby Tuesday" - "Let's Spend The Night Together" - "We Love You" - "Jumpin' Jack Flash" - "Honky Tonk Women" - "Sympathy For The Devil" - "You Can't Always Get What You Want" - "Gimme Shelter" - "Street Fighting Man" - "Wild Horses" - "She's A Rainbow" "Brown Sugar" - "Happy" - "Tumbling Dice" - "Angie" - "Rocks Off" - "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)" - "It's Only Rock 'N' Roll" - "Fool To Cry" - "Miss You" - "Respectable" - "Beast Of Burden" - "Emotional Rescue" - "Start Me Up" - "Waiting On A Friend" - "Undercover Of The Night" - "She Was Hot" - "Streets Of Love" - "The Harlem Shuffle" - "Mixed Emotions" - "Highwire" - "Love Is Strong" - "Anybody Seen My Baby?" - "Don't Stop" - "Doom And Gloom" - "One More Shot"



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