'Pride And Prejudice' is a work of genius from Jane Austen, and Elizabeth Bennet is one of the great heroines of English Literature, and a role model for women even today, two centuries after this novel was first published.

It's a book that may, on the surface, appeal more to women, but this isn't really the case at all. The 19th Century was a time when women writers often used male pseudonyms as a way of getting published, and so women writers were always conscious of not writing in the sort of style society may have dictated.

'Pride And Prejudice' is quite a spikey novel, and the totally unexpected twists and turns are wonderful. Male characters, such as Darcy, are often not what they seem, and you just don't see a lot of things coming. It's stating the obvious to say 'Pride And Prejudice' is a masterpiece, but that it is.

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