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Daf Richards - 'Green Rainbows' Review



Gandhi, great soul of India,
showed by his shining example
how to live as humans should.
He gave us all a sample
of the way to treat our animals,
our sisters and our brothers,
and how to turn the other cheek,
NOT how to hurt each other.

It's a pity we have forgotten
all the truths he taught.
It's a pity we've slipped backwards,
and watched while others fought.
He was the best man of his time,
he brought peace and reformation.
He would not take the fame himself,
but gave others that jubiltation.

Let's hold this kindly man up high,
and try to live the way he lived.
Let's put all cruelties behind
and give what we can give.
Let's be sure that no human or animal
who seeks succour at our gate,
is turned away empty handed.
Let's RID this world of hate.


Tom - my darling angel cat
has flown to another place.
He no longer sits and chats
or puts a smile upon my face.
I miss his caring friendship
and all the love he gave.
I even miss those playful nips
for now he's in his grave.

His spirit soars with heroes,
his heart lies with the slain,
he bites the hand of Nero
who has just reached Heaven's plain.
He loves those little children
whose young lives did not last,
and he whispers to the tiny wren
he would've tortured in the past.

And now he sees the hand of God
in everything that grows.
The mighty trees, the grassy sod,
and snowy cold ice floes.

© All work copyright of Daf Richards.

DAF is from Chelsea, London, and has had many poems published. She has also published her own anthologies of poetry and prose.

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