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Strange drops of diamond cut, encircled,
Lie in disarray, all shapes, all sizes.
Silent, white and cold as marble
To suit the kapok sky.

Wind blown petals from a distance, a sea of them.
Yet closer view shows filigrees of lace.
Unknown, unnamed visitors,
Carpetting our world with beauty.

They are not like gentle snow caressing silently,
Nor hailstones cold, creating sounds,
Nor plashing drops gathered into rippling pools,
Nor icicles, which drip and drop away.

Odd opaque shapes, surrounded by a perfect ring,
A whitish form, the visitors inside.
Why have they come? Why did they
journey here so far
Yet remaining stationary - on guard?


What have we learnt
In all those years between the past and now?
What has been done
To change us into humans who do care?
There is no doubt
That life and death in cruelty go on
As they did then, as they did then.

Excuses given
From past to present, say that it is so
Because a need
Comes from the world, which has to be fulfilled.
But it's not true!
It wasn't, isn't and it will not be,
If truth were known, if truth were known.

And will we learn
What all those years before have failed to teach?
And will we learn
Enough to try and save this planet 'Earth''?
Or just go on
Pretending that it isn't our concern,
Just as before, just as before.


Four black legs skyward,
Wave weakly, tire quickly
As life ebbs.

Low lying mist swirls,
Shrouding and cloaking him,
Hides his fate.

White wool: thick, heavy.
Once his pride, now deadly,
Takes its toll.

Faithful ewe,
Calling piteously, butting uselessly
At death.

© All work copyright of Judy Stubley.

JUDY is originally from Eye, near Peterborough, but for many years has lived in Birmingham. Formerly a Community Arts Officer she is now retired. This has meant she is once again able to take up her love of writing, which unfortunately has laid dormant for the last forty years!

Judy says: "I find I have actually lived more years in large cities than in rural areas. The contrasts and similarities between these two environments, and the people who live in them, have always fascinated me, and this is reflected in my poems."

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