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First screened, Saturday, 19th May, 2007
on BBC One


The strange man with a welding mask on is either an obsessive CD burner, or loves a good suntan, as he orders: "Burn with me". Actually, the man is Korwin, and it's a little dangerous situation the Doctor and Martha are transported into, as they are heading towards a vengeful sun.

The S.S. Pentallian has 42 minutes to sort out its engine problems before it is engulfed by the sun, and if that wasn't bad enough, the ship's captain McDonnell (Michelle Collins) has husband Korwin acting strangely, as if affected by the sun's powers, and he begins vapourising members of the crew with a blinding light from his eyes.

The sun, it turns out, is a living organism which has been abused by McDonnell looking for fuel, so Korwin becomes a tool for its revenge. This episode is about sacrifices, and the Doctor and McDonnell make some as the story unravels.

As always with 'Doctor Who', there are lighter moments, like Martha asking her mother who's had the most British number one singles - Elvis Presley or The Beatles (I thought The Beatles, but I was wrong). Martha also starts taking her clothes off at the beginning of the episode, but you would if you were near a sun. It's also just a little tease for sad old gits like me, as this show is still family friendly. A touching moment in this episode is when crew member Riley confesses his feelings for Martha, who gives him a kiss to remember her by. Rather enigmatic is the dark ending involving Martha's mum. It seems she's involved with some rather dubious types. To be continued, no doubt...

- Paul Rance/

Cast List
The Doctor — David Tennant
Martha Jones — Freema Agyeman
Francine Jones — Adjoa Andoh
Kath McDonnell — Michelle Collins
Riley Vashtee — William Ash
Orin Scannell — Anthony Flanagan
Hal Korwin — Matthew Chambers
Abi Lerner — Vinette Robinson
Dev Ashton — Gary Powell
Erina Lessak — Rebecca Oldfield
Sinister Woman (Miss Dexter) — Elize du Toit

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