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First screened, Saturday, 7th April, 2007
on BBC One

Three witches try and mess up William Shakespeare's mind and work. The witches turn out to be Carrionites, but they haven't reckoned with the difficulty of taking on the Doctor and arguably the world's greatest ever wordsmith.

Set in an amazing recreation of the Globe Theatre, this is a wittily scripted episode by Gareth Roberts, especially when the Bard takes a shine to Martha.

- Paul Rance/

Cast List
The Doctor — David Tennant
Martha Jones — Freema Agyeman
William Shakespeare — Dean Lennox Kelly
Lilith — Christina Cole
Wiggins — Sam Marks
Doomfinger — Amanda Lawrence
Bloodtide — Linda Clarke
Dick — Jalaal Hartley
Kempe — David Westhead
Dolly Bailey — Andree Bernard
Lynley — Chris Larkin
Jailer — Stephen Marcus
Peter Streete — Matt King
Preacher — Robert Demeger
Queen Elizabeth I — Angela Pleasence

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