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First screened, Saturday, 31st March, 2007

on BBC One


The Judoon Look Disinterested As Martha Tries To Save The Doctor!
Surrounded by the Judoon, Martha tries to revive the Doctor

David Tennant is as zany as ever as the Doctor in this first episode of the third series of the revived 'Doctor Who'.

The Doctor has a new assistant (pretty, of course) in trainee doctor Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), and she has a torrid opening, being sucked up, along with her hospital, to the Moon by rhino-headed, interplanetary police for hire, the Judoon!

In the hospital at the time was the Doctor, and also the plasmavore Miss Finnegan (Anne Reid). She then makes short work of hospital doctor Mr. Stoker (Roy Marsden) - using a straw to suck out his blood! Meanwhile, the Judoon are searching the hospital, greeting everyone with: "Prepare to be catalogued." Miss Finnegan is still looking for nourishment, and the Doctor is in her sights. With her straw inserted, Miss Finnegan makes the fatal mistake of not registering as human, when the Judoon approach her - as she's unaware that the Doctor is not all he seems. While Miss Finnegan is summarily dealt with, the Doctor is close to death. Martha uses her medical skills on the Doctor's two hearts, and gives him the kiss of life - for which the Doctor is eternally grateful...

- Paul Rance/

Cast List
The Doctor — David Tennant
Martha Jones — Freema Agyeman
Florence Finnegan — Anne Reid
Mr. Stoker — Roy Marsden
Francine Jones — Adjoa Andoh
Tish Jones — Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Leo Jones — Reggie Yates
Clive Jones — Trevor Laird
Annalise — Kimmi Richards
Morgenstern — Ben Righton
Julia Swales — Vineeta Rishi
Judoon Leader — Paul Kasey
Judoon Voices — Nicholas Briggs

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