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First screened, Saturday, 5th May, 2007
on BBC One


Mad and arrogant scientist Richard Lazarus (Mark Gatiss) is 76 years old and thinks he can turn back time.

As Lazarus shows proof of his great work, with his experiment knocking decades off him, his old partner Lady Thaw (Thelma Barlow - who played the one-time twittering Mavis from 'Coronation Street') begins to lose her appeal, and soon has plenty to whine about...Pretty young women take the eye of Lazarus, who, unfortunately, wasn't counting on any side effects. The Doctor smugly thinks no good will come of this experiment, and as Lazarus becomes a hideous monster, literally, it looks as if he might be right.

One amusing development, and one which will no doubt be a recurring theme, is that with Martha now joining the Doctor full time from this episode, Martha's mother (Adjoa Andoh) starts laying into the Doctor, telling him what she's heard about him - not good. She's obviously worried that the Doctor will corrupt her daughter through space and time!

- Paul Rance/

Cast List
The Doctor — David Tennant
Martha Jones — Freema Agyeman
Tish Jones — Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Leo Jones — Reggie Yates
Francine Jones — Adjoa Andoh
Professor Richard Lazarus — Mark Gatiss
Lady Thaw — Thelma Barlow
Party Guest — Lucy O'Connell
Mysterious Man — Bertie Carvel

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