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Richard Adams - Watership Down book review


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Watership Down
Watership Down

A notable adaptation of the wonderful book by Richard Adams. You don't have to love rabbits to enjoy this film, but it helps.

'Watership Down' is not the cuddly bunny movie it may appear to be. Gruesome in parts, it's not really an animated film suitable for very young children.

Fiver: "(on man) They'll never rest until they've spoiled the Earth."

The animation is beautiful, though, and the voices really bring the book's characters to life. Vividly brought to life on screen, especially, are the wise Hazel, the combative Bigwig, the monstrous General Woundwort (not a pretty boy), and the crazy, noisy, lovable bird Kehaar.

Hazel fears his colony's imminent destruction (which turns out to be from man's intrusion), and leads his rabbits in search of a new safe haven. The ending is unforgettably moving, and Art Garfunkel's earlier rendition of 'Bright Eyes' tugs at the heartstrings.

- Paul Rance/

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Watership Down Voice Cast List
John Hurt as Hazel
Richard Briers as Fiver
Michael Graham Cox as Bigwig
John Bennett as Holly
Ralph Richardson as Chief Rabbit
Simon Cadell as Blackberry
Terence Rigby as Silver
Roy Kinnear as Pipkin
Richard O'Callaghan as Dandelion
Denholm Elliott as Cowslip
Lynn Farleigh as Cat
Mary Maddox as Clover
Zero Mostel as Kehaar
Harry Andrews as Gen. Woundwort
Hannah Gordon as Hyzenthlay
Nigel Hawthorne as Campion (as Nigel Hawthorn)
Clifton Jones as Blackavar
Derek Griffiths as Vervain
Michael Hordern as Frith
Joss Ackland as Black Rabbit
Michelle Price as Lucy

Directed by Martin Rosen

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Watership Down

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Watership Down
Author: Richard Adams
Watership Down
Author: Richard Adams

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